About Pinoytender Management Consultancy

Bartending has been an underrated profession in the Philippines. What the country needs to know is that taking charge of the bar, mixing drinks and expertly entertaining and satisfying customers take years of training, discipline, practice, talent, and skill. Globally, we dominate in terms of employment but here in the Philippines, bartenders are not given their due recognition in the Food and Beverage Industry in which, ironically, they play a vital role.

Pinoytender is a term meaning “Filipino bartender," a term that will hopefully spread throughout the industry so that our bartenders will have a distinct identity aside from the given--that we are of “world class” caliber in terms of work and knowledge when it comes to their profession.

Pinoytender Management Consultancy coined the term Pinoytender. We use it to encompass everything related to Philippine bartending.


To become the most trusted name when it comes to bartending related services

  • To give Filipino Bartenders their due recognition as the unsung heroes of the F&B industry, not just mere performers behind the bar
  • To produce realistic bartending competitions that will make us ready to compete globally
  • To elevate the bartending profession through Hotel and Restaurant Management Students by teaching them the fundamentals of bartending
  • To provide world class products and services through our BLUE BLAZER bar catering services and Pinoy Bar Store
  • To create awareness about what’s going on in the bartending scene in the Philippines with inputs from our Filipino colleagues here and abroad
  • To be the trendsetter in the bartending community in the Philippines

Registered in 2001 as Advocate Website Services up until 2005, the firm has then changed its name to Pinoytender Management Consultancy in 2006.

We offer an extensive array of services related to bartending including bartending tutorials, setting up bartending events, bartending workshops and bartending competitions. We are also an accredited online bar store operator. We sell all sorts of bartending products here.