Our day usually starts by reading the newspaper. After the headlines, we turn the page to the Lifestyle and Entertainment section.

What do we see?

Browsing along, a full two-page article on food, articles about different cuisines(Japanese, Chinese, American, Mexican, Portuguese, and of course, Filipino) and about this famous chef who came to Manila to conduct a one-week cooking workshop together with a Filipino in-house chef of a newly opened resto in Quezon City.

Wait a minute? Readers might choke themselves upon reading too much about FOOD & CHEFS. No offense meant, but what about DRINKS? People like to eat but they also like drinking a lot. We have been so educated about food just by reading these articles but we haven’t really learned that much about what we are drinking. Have we?

Well, there are a “few” drops of articles regarding drinks, but they only appear once in a blue moon or after a rain dance. There are some pictures of “Drinks of the Month” of some of the five-star hotels here in Manila and we have read this very successful article about red wine being good for the heart and about an anniversary of this famous bourbon whiskey giving a brief description of its history and that’s it. We give credit to those who contributed these articles for at least we readers have something to sip while gobbling up the other articles.

But what about the people behind these exciting, colorful, exotic and at times intoxicating drinks? If the chefs are given credit for the creations they have made, don’t they deserve an article as well? When one goes to a bar or restaurant, who dispenses those drinks, and who does the cocktails? Who whips up the frappuccino? Did anyone notice them? It’s about time that they’d be given equal recognition as well since not only do they concoct drinks but they concoct them infront of the guest, thus making them elite in the industry.

Let’s call them PINOYTENDERS. Who are they? Technically, they are the Filipinos who tend the bar. In the industry, they are known as bartenders and baristas. They are the ones who come up with those specialty drinks and “drinks of the month” that we long for. They give us a shot of Tequila, a double on the rocks, and a well-crafted blow job. They are the ones that we approach whenever we need someone to talk to. And of course, they are the ones who do those death-defying bar flairs and mind-boggling tricks behind the bar that after you leave the place you’d still be wondering how they were able to do that. I was even surprised that there’s a bar in Manila that has its own version of Coyote Ugly.

No offense again, but maybe it’s time to focus on the beverage aspect of F&B since this is the more profitable side of the Industry if given the proper attention…right Mr. Cost Control?

We raise a glass of SHERIFF that we drink at THE BARN as a toast to all Pinoytenders that we’ve talked to, laughed with, encountered, and befriended. May you continue to whip up those drinks to quench our thirst. Cheers!!!!!!

194 Comments on “STAND UP, PINOYTENDERS!”

  1. i agree with the article. It is not because it is easy to mix cocktails rather than cooking moreover, bartenders who mixes exotic drinks and do flaring or juggling bottles just to give entertainment on their customer is not a joke or easy. (that's the toughest one!) They must uplift bartenders or PINOYTENDERS by giving them appreciation or credit as well as given equal recognition into this industry.

    H08214 – Mike B.

  2. hey, this article is very interesting. actually im curious about bartending since 1st yr of my hrm, hope i learn more this sem about bartending! Godbless and more power to all bartenders!

    Bryan Schofield !

  3. Cheers!

    Very well said! since i don't have any experiences in drinking wines, liquors and other kinds of drinking alcohol, I hope that this semester as I enrolled to your subject Bar Management, will give me a lot of knowledge about different kinds of drinks/beverages specially in mixing wines. and i also want to be knowledgeable in bartending.


  4. I have nothing to say about this article. this is very detailed about wines, liquors, even though i haven't drink it yet. now i have the idea how it taste and how this wine work upon the mixes. I want to learn how to mix drinks. So this time I'll be more serious about this subject. 🙂


  5. the article is good huh. 😀 I love drinking alcohol but I don't have the idea how to mix different kinds of liquors, and I'm excited how bar man give me knowledge about mixing drinks.


  6. nice one sir=), after I had read the article I understand what is this for, i thought it's only for us students to be guided on the procedures on how to mix those liquors and some basic flairs. but this is for all the pinoy bartenders who aims to have a credit not only the chef's because bartenders shows us more interesting presentations than the chef's but chefs serves us decadent foods. for me, they should both given credit for the creations they have made.


  7. the article is pretty good sir 🙂 after i read this article i learn lessons that many people likes to eat and to drink a different non alcoholic/alcoholic drinks. then i figure out the pinoytenders is so good in mixing wines or different kinds of liquors and they good also in flaring 🙂 and lastly the chef's and the pinoy tenders are successfully in this article 😉


  8. The article is very true. We must also give credit to our Pinoytenders like chefs that are always on the limelight. Pinoytenders must also share the limelight because food and beverages go hand and hand. We also have very successful Pinoytenders who are working around the world. 🙂

    I salute all PINOYTENDERS!!!!!


    MANUEL,khaye – H08214

  9. Cheers !
    I definitely agree with the article . Bartenders should also be given credits because unlike chefs , Bartenders serve their customers with a mixed of art and entertainment . That is why Pinoytenders must be recognized and be appreciated in the industry

    Sison , Zyra

  10. Shot!, the most common word when it comes to alcoholic drinks. Next to that is the word toast! but behind these two words lies a history about this "LIQUID" form of a drink, but the one "WHO" served that one. God bless! to all Pinoy bartenders and baristas and to all who aspire to be one.


  11. the article is a eye opener to us Filipinos. and also for the students that is learning in the industry. not only the chefs do all the work but also the baristas they mix different kinds of liquor and non alchoholic drinks. and the very amzing flairing stunts that they are doing. I salute all the PINOYTENDERS for having a very good job. SHOT NA. =)


  12. H08210
    Zhang Mingyue(lara)
    The article is very detailed. How do we be a good pinoytender? We know that we should dispense drinks and cocktail. Chef's and pinoytenders should be gave credit by us to cook and mix liquro. In this industry, pinoytenders can be well comfirm.

  13. before saw this article I didn't know what pinoytender is,beacause it cannot find in the dictionary.but this article let me know that and let me know how importance of them in the industry.they can mix different drink to the guest and talk to them.I think it's a intresting job and need more knowledge and skills.

    zhao xueqian

  14. honestly, what i think about bartending is just flaring bottles and gives entertainment to others. i didn't know that it is also about mixing drinks to make a new flavors and to give a twist on a drink. after reading this, i can say that bar tending is a nice job and flaring bottle and mixing drinks can be a good talent.

    geneva nicolas

  15. Nice piece, Sir! This only proves that there’re still some people who are genuine enough to express their gratitude to those people who deserves a credit but aren’t given any. How I wish they can read this! At least they will know that all of their hard works are appreciated. So here’s a salute to all Pinoytenders! Kampay!


  16. hmm this article is pretty good sir :)) because when i was reading this article i have learn lot of things that is related in my chosen field. PINOYTENDERS helps our country to be known in other country in the field of mixing drinks and cooking different meals. now i salute all the filipino chefs inside and outside the country. 😀 i believe that the filipino are very suitable and elastic in many jobs :))

    * Aira Anne A. Arias – H08210

  17. Pinoytenders, basically they are Filipino bartenders who mixes drinks you buy in a bar.
    As HRM courses boom alongside by the culinary arts, sometimes it is only the chef's are being recognized. No offense on this, but let's not forget that food or a meal will not be complete without a drink. Filipinos love to eat and drink. I have a vision that if bar tending in the Philippines is given attention it will be an big asset to us.


    -Dorothy Macatangay

  18. Hello!! CHEERS!
    Nice article. actually pinoy bar tenders have a unique style of flairing resulting to a great taste of alcoholic drinks.It always amazes me whenever I see Bartenders doing death-defying bar flairs. Those who don't have interest in drinking become willing to try these new stuff.


    –Lilet G. Gonzales

  19. Hellow SIR!
    Nice article. when i read this article i learn a lot and what i think about bartending is just flaring bottles and gives entertainment to others. thats all sir! :))So here’s a salute to all Pinoytenders! Kampay!

  20. This article is a big break for the bartenders or Pinoytenders as we Pinoys call them. It will be a good start for the recognition of their profession. For me, we should really appreciate the work of our bartenders for their job is not really easy. I really admired them and I just wonder how they do those death-defying bar flairs. And I get really excited because I will learn those in time. 🙂 I'm so proud of them!

    H08210. <3

  21. Hellow SIR!
    Nice article. when i read this article i learn a lot and what i think about bartending is just flaring bottles and gives entertainment to others. thats all sir! :))So here’s a salute to all Pinoytenders! Kampay! THANK YOU!


  22. This article is very interesting. Actually im curious about bartending. While i was reading this article i learned a lot some of things and i found out it is more interesting and unique. Actually before i thought bartending is easy to do it but i honestly dont know how to mix drinks as well so i dont have the interest before but now i curious about it and i learned that bartending is not an easy job its hard in terms of physical and mental, concentration as well. I beleive in the skills of the Filipino bartenders and i salute them. Nice Job and Godbless. MORE POWER. :))))

    – Dayao, Mary Lourdes Talens *H08210
    November 8, 2010 02:25 PM

  23. hello sir!!
    this article proves that there’re still some people who are genuine enough to express their gratitude to those people who deserves a credit but aren’t given any.thank you!!

    malabad jan rafael C.

  24. this is a nice article to share with HRM students like me. we can learn many things about bar-tending. now i know that some good bartender are Filipinos. bartender are good in flaring bottles that what they do to give attention and to entertain their customers. they are also good in mixing cocktails..
    TAGAY na!!


  25. while reading this article I realize the importance of the people who made an excellent drinks when we are eating our meals. I think of their amazing job because I don't know how they do the mixing and the flairing of drinks but it is like doing a magic tricks. the article proves to many people that bartenders and baristas can be a Filipino pride.

    Jenzelle Marie Ricafrente

  26. This article is very interesting. Especially the Pinoy Tenders. I can say is im proud of all of them. They made a good job. I wish i can stand like them. Cheers!

    Grecia, Guian Carla E.

  27. The Article was great!! some people think that bartending is just flaring a bottle but also mixing drinks. I SALUTE PINOYBARTENDERS for douing a graet job for the peole they served.

    i love this article Nice job! 🙂

    John Patrick L. Pelaez

  28. What a great article for the achievements and efforts of our PINOYTENDERS! Honestly, if I haven't, in any chance read this article I wouldn't realize of how the beverage industry in our country was cast aside. Food and beverage is indeed interrelated with one another, so why don't they give the same honor and aim attention to the beverage sector as well as what they are contributing to the food sector.So let us give an equal attention and fair competition to those people who puts a lot of effort and contribution in exchange of the acknowledgement that they have given for our country.


  29. Ervin P. Ramos

    Bartending, contrary to what most people know, is not an easy task. The workload is the same as if you were assigned to the kitchen. But if you were to weigh the perks of the job and the respective sacrifices you need to give to stay in this career path, I can say that this one of the most rewarding professions someone from the food industry or those who are studying in the food and beverage industry can take.

  30. Filipino BARISTA or PINOY BARTENDER are great! they are good example in our industry, they serve properly not just to amaze people, they amaze people by there hearts! the effort of there job gives BEST RESULT to other people! GOOD JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!Ü


  31. Pinoy bartenders indeed deserve a great credit in their industry. They exert a big effort to enhance their skills. Bartending is not an easy job. Accuracy and timing is a must.


  32. This article is very interesting like me us a student of hrm.Food and beverage is indeed interrelated with one another, so why don't they give the same honor and aim attention to the beverage sector as well as what they are contributing to the food sector.Especially the Pinoy Tenders. I can say is im proud of all of them. They made a good job. I wish i can stand like them. Cheers!

    Tangonan John Rey, Garcia Ho8210

  33. Jovan Samonte

    Bartending may be enjoying but you must be really dedicated and committed to it. It is not just all about throwing and juggling of bottles and make it as an entertainment, but every juggle and exhibitions rendered should really be perfected. This job also requires a lot of things and skills to be learned, practically practicing and mastering almost all cocktail drinks whether it may be alcoholic or non- alcoholic.

  34. The article shows me how the PINOY BARTENDER are great and not only for local but especially internationally.I drink many alcoholic drinks, but some mix alcoholic beverages i am not familiar i hope i can drink somedays!

    frederick paul m. sioson

  35. PINOYTENDERS.They are the Filipinos who tend the bar. In the industry, they are known as bartenders and baristas. They are the ones who come up with those specialty drinks and “drinks of the month” that we long for.


  36. We have been so educated about food just by reading these articles but we haven’t really learned that much about what we are drinking. Have we? Well, there are a “few” drops of articles regarding drinks, but they only appear once in a blue moon or after a rain dance.


  37. Alexander Diaz

    Bartending is one of the most revered jobs one can actually be a part of. The stress it takes to prepare the perfect drink the customer wants is just a menial sacrifice for a profession that can take you far beyond the four walls of the local bar. The perks such as being in places only seen in postcards and meeting people you never thought you'll meet are just some of the things one can be thankful for as a bartender.

  38. As a HRM student the article show me how important the bar tending industry in our country!, it is a cool job to compete to the other country! I HOPE I LEARN SOME TECHNIQUES HOW TO DO IT AND TO MIX SOME COCKTAILS!


  39. We raise a glass of SHERIFF that we drink at THE BARN as a toast to all Pinoytenders that we’ve talked to, laughed with, encountered, and befriended. May you continue to whip up those drinks to quench our thirst. Cheers!!!!!!


  40. Abesamis, Inah Marielle D.

    Bartending is one of my favorite subject. I'm looking forward about it and I'm glad that the time I'm waiting for is here already. We're sorry if we didn't give much attention to the bartenders unlike to the chef's. Yes is not easy to mix cocktails and is not easy to study all kinds of beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). We're proud of all the PINOYTENDERS. :

  41. we forgot to acknowledge our PINOY BARTENDER because without them we cannot try or taste different kind of beverages, because i notice that most of the time only the chef recognize..isn't it??. but i realize that the bar tender also contribute a lot on this industry. as a HRM student, we need to learn more about bar tending because it can help us to our future career..keep it up PINOY BARTENDERS 🙂

    Lizette Sayco

  42. We are glad to have our pinoytenders. why do we always give credits to all the chefs? why don't we also give credits to the bartenders? baristas? thanks to all the bartenders and baristas for giving us a delightful drinks when we are lonely, sad, happy. Behind all this, are the pinoytenders who are very hardworking. Thanks to them!!

    Kevin Paynor

  43. Anonymous said….

    being a HRM student ,it so nice to know that we have a pinoytenders.because BARTENDING is one of my favorite subjects. And I expecting a lot of learning in this subject.

    CAÑAL,Sarrah Mae C.

  44. yes precisely!

    pinoy bartenders should given a chance to be accredited..

    because one thing…


    -John Ralph A. Sucgang

  45. a very detailed article about bar tending is good enough to informs us all that we also give prior attention not only to the food that we eat but also the compliment of it which is drinking. we are not all literate enough to know how good drinks are made. Filipino baristas should also be appreciated for the fact that they serve as prior drinks that our taste may suit as well as quenching our thirst. moreover it's nice to know that the drinks served to us are given much attention to have a research to satisfy demanding customers. in my own sense of opinion it is deserving to give credits for Pinoy tenders for their efforts to discover new sense on taste to compliment the good service of the food industry.


    Tuares, Reinier T.

  46. This article is so true. Bartenders are always left unnoticed while chefs are always given attention. Honestly speaking, I think that we should be also giving praise to those people who makes drinks that many Filipinos enjoy especially during their "GIMMIK NIGHTS". CHEERS to all the Pinoytenders and to this amazing article.

    -HERNANDEZ, Jenica Patriz J.

  47. point well taken. this article should be post in newspapers, so that everyone could see the hardship of the work of baristas or bartenders. in real life, it's only the chefs' abilities are seen by other people, but behind them, it's also the bartenders talent we should recognize. why?
    analyze and see their talents!
    could all of us do all the flairing and bar tricks that they are doing?
    at first, you would think that it's only easy because it's just like throwing and playing with the bottles in the air and body… but doing that by yourselves, you will realize that it's hard.
    what they are doing is showing their abilities with the PERFECT TIMING and mixing drinks with the PERFECT TASTE.
    so now, i strongly agree to this article!


  48. This is a well written article! Bartenders and baristas should be given the credit that they deserve. This article has given its readers an effective insight towards them. It's true that they are important in the industry and they have the right to be recognized! I agree that chefs and bartenders should be given equal attention because both profession requires fine skills and knowledge.


  49. Nice one sir! It is a good article. you inspired me a lot. Actually, I really don't know about filipinos wanting to go abroad and work as a bartender or as chef. All i know is that they want to go abroad to earn a lot of money. Then again, it's true that their work is hard. As a student , I can say that I can see myself in the future working outside the country. Yes! I want to be one of them someday. I want to work as a chef, but most especially as a bartender. I want to concoct diff drinks, mingle with other people and do an amazing and gruesome bar flairs which made egregious by people. I want to experience those things. Those bartenders deserve praises. they don't deserve to be neglected by the industry. they proved that they are knowledgeable and hardworking in their profession. so they need to be equally recognize both chefs and bartenders in their industry. I hope to learn a lot of you sir! I'm looking forward in giving diff skills and gain more knowledge which I will apply in the future. I salute you sir! 😀


  50. job well done sir! this article inspries us so much. honestly pinoybartenders is being trusted to serve the magic drink perfect for any occasion, mood or season can be as challenging as it is gratifying. i belive that pinoy bartenders got a big possibilities to show their skills.And those pinoy bartender who work hard should be recognized as well and most especaily they are very important in our industry.

    awsome job! cheers to all the pinoy bartenders we sholud be proud of them 🙂


  51. anonymous said…

    as a matter of fact bartending is a challenging role, because it's not simple as it is. so, therefore it would rather acquire as to be creative in mixing and serving the right concoction to create a great cocktails at it's perfection.

    – Joana katrina G. Tinio
    – II-H08220
    – BS-HRM
    – Monday
    – 2:00-3:00pm 3:00-9:00pm

  52. Intelligent Bartender focuses on ways to make money as a bartender and as a bar, by styling drinks and using everything from flair to molecular mixology to get your guests talking about you and your bar.

    Bartender Wisdom: "The Less They Know is Probably Better"


    – II- H08220
    – B.S HRM
    – MONDAY
    – 2:00-3:00pm 3:00-9:00pm

  53. Yeah CHEERS!! I remember a Filipino bartender Frederic “Eric” Martinez who won at the World Bartender Championships that was held in Las Vegas, winning him the title “Greatest Bartender of the World.” He flipped, spun, threw, balanced and caught bottles while making cocktails, wowing everyone in the competition. He bested seven other champions from T.G.I Friday’s restaurant outlets all over the world. He defeated Brian Zachau, a two-time US champion and declared the “Greatest Bartender in the United States” and Taiwan’s Nick Wu, the Asia- Pacific champion who finished third. A bartender must have knowledge and skills and comes first in a trial and error. It's not easy to become a bartender we should have respect for them and give them credits for what they are doing.

    Soon the Filipino will rise and be recognized because our skills and talents are second to none.

    -Gene Rozzart L. Lim
    -II- H08220
    -B.S HRM
    -2:00-3:00pm 3:00-9:00pm

  54. Cheers!! Well-said Sir! ☺ I have to say that I always been fascinated to learn about bartending. It really amazed me. If you haven’t told us to read this article I wouldn’t notice this kind of stuff- overtaking the other. These writers don’t see the significance of the beverages that we’ve been drinking. It seems that they’re being one-sided. Hence, there should be an equal attention and credit given to both aspect of the F&B industry. There should be recognition for presenting this kind of showmanship. ☺

    -Maria Victoria F. Legaspi
    -II- H08220

    -B.S HRM


    -2:00-3:00pm 3:00-9:00pm

  55. I also agreed that this is the time to acknowledge the person/s behind those beverages we have been drunk. We all know that some of filipinos are fanatic when we talked about BAR… But many of us doesnt even care to know who's behind of those cocktail drinks. Now we must acknowledge their talents and skills. As a BSHRM student SALUTE all of the Bartenders and baristas of the philippines who made us our cocktail/drinks everytime we want to take some relaxation. To be a bertender is not EASY as many know's, They are not just mixing your drink but they can also accomodate you for as you enjoy and relax…. CHEERS!!!!

    -McCay, Charles Joseph A

  56. This is a very well written article.
    We really also have to focus on drinks and beverages, not only to food. Cheers to all the bartenders!

    H08214 – Lardizabal, Marie Grace L.

  57. Bar tending is a very exciting job, though it requires good skills and applicable knowledge for easy flow to job. Knowing for a fact that before you became a good bar tender, all the knowledge and skills you learn, should always apply more practice and exercise for better performance, but if you don't want bar tending at all, don't frustrate yourself to try it, because it'll let you down at the end.

    – Erickson L. Tiosan
    – HO8220
    – BSHRM
    – MONDAY
    – 2:00-3:00 and 3:00-9:00

  58. This Blog has a good point, Indeed we pinoys are very hospitable in any forms. Pinoytenders should be given enough and fair credit like a lot of Chefs around the globe. Nice blog sir. DRINK, DRIVE AND BE MERRY! lol.

    -Jonathan Manegdeg

  59. Cheers for Pinoytenders!

    Let's not focus on chefs' now, its now time to acknowledge the one who makes drinks for us — the Bartenders! What will the foods do when the people are all choked. Hahaha! Cheers to all the Bartenders!

    -Marian Zyrelle A. Carcellar
    -BS HRM
    -2:00pm – 3:00pm and 3:00pm – 9:00pm

  60. People have survived without food for weeks or even months, but go WITHOUT water/drinks for even just one day the chance to survive will be in desperate indeed. Different kinds of drinks and beverages will pass through the years, different kinds of happiness will happen through with them. We all know most of us cannot recognize those persons who create different kinds of drinks and beverages, BUT NOW the time comes and many people specially teenager's likes a lot of drinks and beverages…that’s why it is also the right time for us to acknowledge those people who make an experiment to be able to give a twist on the taste of our drinks/beverages…CHEERS FOR ALL THE BARISTA’S AND BARTENDER’S who make our drinks and beverages more exotic, colorful, exiting, artistic, and at times intoxicating…

    -Lou Diamond F. Dela Cruz
    -H08220 (Monday 2:00-3:00 and 3:00-9:00

  61. I think bar tendering is quite a pretty hard to learn. But, if we are really interested in learning it, then it would be easy, even though it will take years of learning it. I read some other tips about bar tendering and i have learn that there are other people who were interested on bar tendering. And not only that, they want to establish their own business because we all know that people love to party, to drink and entertainments.

    -Kathleen T. Wamar
    -2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-9:00 pm

  62. Bartenders must be given much indebtedness in terms of this industry because Chefs and Baristas are not undertaking with one another, instead, they bring a culinary side to what they do.Bartenders and chefs are cut from the same cloth. As one, they produces the desire of everyone's satisfaction,desire and entertainment.

    -Ditchie Grace M. Tormis
    -2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-9:00pm

  63. I agree with this article of Mr. Richie. In reality, the attentions are more given by the foods that we eat. (Maybe because it's a part of our daily routine)
    But why don't we try looking at the side of the bartenders, maybe in the first place if you watch them giggling, flirting & mixing with their bottles, it's quite simple and easy. But maybe, it's hard to learn how to mix some liquors.
    We should give some equal attention to both Chefs & Baristas. So we can more appreciate the importance of the both of them.

    * Michelle N. Santos
    * H08220
    * Monday
    * 2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-9:00pm

  64. This article indeed gave me a vivid idea on how bar tending works. Barristers and Bartenders deserved to be acknowledge just like any other professionals.

    *Jacqueline D.Tanaman
    * H08220
    * Monday
    * 2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-9:00pm

  65. i love this article and i love drinking liquors, specially when i want to drink with my friends at the bar. anyway, for me bartending is not just for entertainment, it is also a talent. so we really need to give attention on how did they mix some liquors. and its time for us to focus on the beverage aspect of f&b…
    and for the PINOYTENDERS, keep showing your abilities and keep up the good work. (kampay!)

    -Mario Jeamar P. San Pedro
    -mondays 2:00-3:00 pm & 3:00-9:00pm

  66. I think Bar tending is the most exciting job. It needs your skills and knowledge to enhance your talent to do a good job. Some establishments make the bartender part of the entertainment,expected perhaps to engage in flair bar tending or other forms of entertainment.So if you plan to go into bartending take the thing seriously and learn how to do it properly. As of now were studying bar tending. maybe it should give us a beginning of bartender a lot of valuable to know how. If you want to make a career out of bartending and especially if you want to open your own bar then you should think about taking a course. A good course in bartending will steer you round a lot of pitfalls.

    – Kristine E. Libunao
    – H08220
    – Monday

  67. Reading about this blog helps me a lot to understand deeply about bartending. It's not just playing with bottles or mixing drinks while doing tricks or exhibition while dancing on the tune.I learned that bartending is also a profession wherein you can be recognized or can also be a sort of income for living. Doing this is not just that easy as I thought…you need the talent and skills of doing this, the different strategies to market this kind of job and of course the guts to keep you going and strive hard to acheive your goal. I know someday I will able to discover and share my talent in bartending.

    – Ma. Alynna Clarisse B. Ronquillo
    – H08220
    – Monday
    – 2:00-3:00 and 3:00-9:00

  68. hi .. im caroline shalom C. tariman AHRM2e

    bartending is help me to improve my inspired me and i think bartending is an exciting subject .. it help me to future my career.

    – caroline shalom c. tariman
    – thursday

  69. After reading this blog, it truly made me realize that we only recognize those exemplary people involve in Food Industry but how about those in Beverage one? “Food and Beverage Industry,” we must make out both divisions and the people behind them. I am glad because there are considerate people who want to go into raptures over them. What more I could say? STAND UP PINOYTENDERS!

    Baby Jane D. Palo

  70. I can't imagine myself being a bartender, but while reading this article it helped me realize that there are lots of bartender job opportunities. bartending is a high-paying fun job that soon all of us will enjoy. I wanna be a pinoytender someday 🙂 haha

    ♥Patricia Andrea P. Espino of CEU-Makati HRM2F♥

  71. Hi sir! It's good that you made us read this article. It made me realized that we are focused more on FOODS, how about DRINKS? I think they should be equally appreciated. They are like partners in almost all the FOOD industries nowadays. Food is incomplete without a drink while some drinks can be tasted without a food.Right?? Sometimes we have to get out of the kitchen and do some tricks just like what this baristas are doing. It is a fun and exciting job. I LOVE BARTENDING…. 🙂

    Carissa Marasigan a.k.a "cass"

  72. These past few years, there's a rampant increase of bars in our country the reason why Bartending gain it's popularity. I must say Bartenders are consider to be the life of the party, without them there will be no that one extraordinary drink you brag about to your friends. It's a fact that bartenders show-off their skills through flaring which gives the crowd euphoric feeling to drink. good job! to all bartenders, good job to the flaretenders, good job to the baristas.. and most of all, great job to the pinoytenders

    Quiamco, Charles C.

  73. its a good article :)) i thought it's only for us students to be guided on the procedures on how to mix those liquors and some basic flairs. we must also give credits to PINOYTENDERS like what we give to our chefs. i'm so excited to bartending subject, because I want to learn to mix different liquors and drinks aside from cooking foods 🙂 and good job sir! 🙂

    -Cuevas, Ma. Christina
    -CEU, HRM2E

  74. this article made me realized the importance of "pinoytenders" or should i say the pinoy bartenders and baristas.they are the ones who prepare us specialty drinks and they also do some tricks just to entertain all the customers. we should give credit or recognition to them because they are also part of this industry. they have a big influence that can help all people who have an interest to become a bartender.



    This article makes me realized that bartender should also give credits, because mixing drinks plus entertainment is not easy. Go pinoytenders!!!!!your the best 😀

  76. Hello Sir Richie,

    This Blog madde me realize the importance of pinoytenders here in the philippines. Many of us just ignore the skills and abilities of our bar tenders here. Its a good thing you are going to teach us what you know in bar tending. This is going to help us in the future Sir. Thank you and congratulations.

    -Cruz, Martin Philip B.
    CEU 2E


    Support and love PINOYTENDERS like the way we love to drink the liquors they're mixing. Like what this article says.

  78. I personally, is a fan of BARISTAS! 😀
    you guys are right, the people should not only focus on the FOOD side of the industry.
    chefs are good of course, but BARTENDERS are great! :))

    KAMPAY! 😛


  79. Basically this blog talks about bartenders and The Beverage department not being recognize in our Industry, and I agree that maybe its their time to shine cause technically we don't enjoy our foods without the complimentary drinks they serve and Beverage Department earn a lot of cash so I think the writers should give importance to the drinks we very much enjoy.Great blog and in the near future PINOYTENDERS should be given credits for their hard works.

    JUEGO,Francis Kim

  80. I agree that we really need to focus on the beverage aspect of the F&B because its really profitable. And since bartenders are the one who made our night at bars more special and unforgetable because of their well mixed cocktails and very entertaining skills in flairing. We should really appreciate PINOYTENDERS and do recognize them as well.


  81. This blog talks about the other side of F&B which is the beverage aspect. All the things written in this blog is true. We Filipinos, should recognize the efforts of the BARTENDERS and BARISTAS in our country because of the joy that they bring to us by their FLAIRING SKILLS and the different COCKTAIL MIX that they serve to us. HRM students should put a lot of effort in this aspect because someday we could also be a good bartender of our country if we want it.


  82. the article that been said is very inspiring. it makes me more interested in bartending. even if it's harder than cooking, bartending is very interesting. because i can learn to mix drinks and learn tomake cocktail drinks.


  83. what a great article .. after reading this i'm so excited for this subject. and more inspired to . this article describe how bartending really exciting and wonderful to be a habit and a nice skill that not everyone can . 🙂

    AHRM 2E

  84. I agree with the article,pinoytenders/barista's who mixes different kinds of alcohol drinks and do flaring bottles is not an easy job,that's why it must be recognized and be more appreciated in the industry..but honestly i don't have any ideas and experiences on how to do it,that's why i'm so excited and become interested in this subject..
    and i hope i can learn many things about bartending .. :))


  85. This article is amazing because it just not tell you how great the chefs are but it tells you also that you should give credit on the barista and bartenders because they are the one you should blame on serving you great drinks on the table. lets have a toast for this great article. nice one!

    AHRM 2F

  86. Suprisingly amaze after reading this article. It really boost and upgrade the morale of PINOYTENDERS. It emphasize the importance and the good side of bartending. It is a inspiring article for HRM students to be part in this kind of industry to contribute something and to be recognize as a PINOY BARTENDERS not only here in the philippines but all over the world!

    AHRM 2E


    RIVERAL,jenny mae D.
    AHRM 2E

  88. Delen,John Von C.

    After reading this article its suprisingly to know that pinoytenders are really inspires me to know more about bartending and im excited to learn the different skills that i can apply as a hrm student..Keep up the good !! coz u help lot of people :))

  89. After reading this article it made me realize to the importance of Bar tenders/Baristas.We should give recognitions to the masters of Beverage department.I'm excited to learn a lot from your subject and maybe someday I may become a great Barista.(By the way sir can you please disregard my first comment?this is my final comment.thanks)

    Caroline Shalom c. Tariman
    AHRM 2E

    AHRM 2E

    Studies have shown that majority of Filipinos love to eat and drink. Writers should also give equal importance to drink and beverages on their articles or columns in newspapers and magazines considering that there is a huge market for it and how the baristas are able to contribute significantly. That is why the BARTENDERS should also be given credit or recognition just like the chefs as they play a major part in the F&B industry.

    AHRM 2E


    It's always important to give more than just general credits for jobs well done in any job description; more so, it should be given warm appreciation from the deepest cores of souls. WE should make bartenders and others alike be recognized enough through naming them for all their throat-smoothing creations. For one's appreciation for others, can and may later become their long handed inspiration towards a good Singapore Sling, a nice Caribbean cruiser, and a dazzling Hawaiian surfer.

    >>hooray BARTENDERS!

  92. This article shows that it is time to give importance to BEVERAGE in F&B. It's true that we love to eat but in this generation, we also love to drink. I admire bartenders/baristas/pinoytenders a lot because they are the reason why we enjoy going to bars and have fun. Without their magic skills of mixing cocktails, we will never experience the taste of heaven in bars.

    Rizza Katrina Lastima <3 <3 <3
    CEU- Makati

  93. This article was great. It gives importance to beverage. It is nice to know that there are people who truly appreciates and recognize the real meaning of beverage. So I suggest as an HRM student, let's support the PINOYTENDERS.

    Earl Hamlet Correa

  94. In this article it made me realize that we should really acknowlege bartenders or the PINOYTENDERS. Since they entertain us with unstoppable and breath taking tricks as they flair those bottles and the unforgattable tastes of those mixed drinks they serve. And be really proud of them just like the best chefs we have.


  95. Drinks are very important when we are eating. I admit because I am a FOOD LOVER. My meal wouldn't be complete without dirnks. So let us give regard to Beverage service and to all baristas and bartenders especially the Pinoy ones :))

    Jezza Marie Posadas

  96. I truly agree on the thought of this blog. Foods and drinks are inseparable. Both of them need distinct appreciation. As an HRM student, I must focus on both sectors even the other people as well.

    Lea Pamela Saldana

  97. The bartending industry really is an amazing wonder to behold, it offers wide ranges of entertainment and savory drinks to all society classes. And at this point in time where clubs and bars are easily accessible to almost all types of people it's not impossible for bartenders/baristas not to be recognize for what they do. But what do really comes in mind when it comes to "bartenders/baristas"? well there's a lot actually, first would be entertainment, they provide us jaw-dropping exhibition that makes us wonder "how do they do it", right?. Second are the savory cocktail mixes and drinks they serve to quench our thirst and make us wanna come back for more. And Third is being a friend, they are someone who you can talk to and listens to your problems if ever you needed a friend and feeling lonely. But whatever the case maybe they really are the ultimate service providers when it comes to beverages ! let's have a toast for all the PINOYTENDERS out there, for a successful year to all of you ! CHEERS !


  98. Bartenders serve their customers with a mixed of art and entertainment . That is why Pinoytenders must be recognized and be appreciated in the industry.i think Filipino baristas should also be more appreciated for the fact that they serve as prior drinks that our taste may suit as well as quenching our thirst.and i'm so excited for this subject think i will enjoy it!!!go PINOYTENDERS



    A job well done on this article sir. after reading the article it made me more interested to learn more about bartending. and it even inspired me to do a cocktail. And I agree that people should recognize bartenders because not only they give us good tasting drinks they also give people entertainment by flairing bottles and coming up with a unique tasting drinks. Kudos! to the pinoytenders and to you sir for reminding readers and bar goers to thank and recognize bartenders..

  100. it makes me believe that beverages like alcoholic drinks makes people happy so let us support the PINOYTENDERS nowadays.

    Melbin De Castro

  101. This article is a big break for the bartenders or Pinoytenders as we Pinoys call them. It will be a good start for the recognition of their profession
    because filipinos are so talented.i think i will enjoy learning on this subject!!!keep Up the good work PINOYTENDERS:)



    we must give importance to the PINOY TENDERS because they just don't flair bottles in the air or mixing drinks but they also entertain us.

    vina anne zambrona

  103. After reading this article, it gives me some ideas about BAR TENDING and the LIFE OF BARTENDERS. I myself love to go to different bars and enjoy drinking with my friends but actually we don't know how to do and mix this drinks but because of this subject it will give us a chance and opportunity to learn the things that we usually love and enjoy to do. Maybe in the near future I myself can be the best PINOYTENDER not just here in the Philippines but also in the whole world 🙂 as a Filipino it makes me proud to be a real Filipino because Filipinos are real talented, smart and very skillful. I can proudly say that PINOYTENDERS are really amazing which every Filipinos and even other nationalities are proud to recognized them :))


  104. As a hrm student, im looking forward to learn more about bartending because i want to learn more on how to mixed a different kind of beverages and i know that bartending is fun and exciting subject. and we should be glad because we have this PINOYTENDERS because without them we cannot taste a different kind of beverages so two thumbs up for the bartenders. Cheers to them. 🙂


  105. This article proves that there are still some people who understand and willing to know about bartending. I really appreciate the thing that what was said in this article. Because I'am also one of the peolple who want to know everything obout it. In this article I realized that many Pilipino really want to have the knowledge about bartending. So let us all have the glass of wine and cheers for it:))


  106. A big toast to all Pinoytenders, I agree to thge whole article really only the chefs are given recognition and the bartenders are left out. It is about time that we put them to the pedestal the Mindoro sling of Puerto Galera,Weng-weng and Zombie of hardrock and i tasted flying tiger in a bar at aNGELES PAMPANGA i KNEW THAT our pinoy bartenders are probably the best in the world


  107. people really love to eat and so interested in food, chefs and other things about eating and I myself is guilty of not thinking about the other side of this industry and that is beverage but now sincerely speaking I think I will enjoy if I study more of the beverages because I know that there's so much more in it 🙂

    Aviles, Lisette Joyce N.

  108. we should definitely recognize the PINOYTENDERS because they are the one who mixes and serve our delicious drinks. they are a great inspiration to us who's taking up hrm as our course. they are great!


  109. I totally agree with this article. We should give acknowledgement to all the bartenders, especially to all the Filipino bartenders. Filipinos are very talented and I believe that someday someone will make name for Filipinos in bar tending worldwide. Good luck to all the Filipinos in this industry! 🙂

    CALUMAG, Chriszaine A.

  110. after reading you're article sir it gives me importance about what we drink and different cocktails. it reminds me not only the food is important but also what we drink.And i agree sir we should acknowledge the Filipino bartenders because it gives passion to the beverages and Filipino are very talented when it comes to the skills.

    Lim, Christine Jane J.

  111. I agree on what this article said. People focused only on FOODS not minding the BEVERAGES/ DRINKS. Haven’t think that we can be choked without any of it. It made me realized that beverages are so important. I’ve learned from a past professor in CEU that drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart, well it’s obviously seen here in this article. I don't drink liquors but maybe someday I'll taste some. 🙂
    We should also give credits to the Pinoy bartenders and baristas that prepares and mix the different kinds of drinks that we love. They act as a big part of our industry. This made me think of entering the opportunities offered in bartending someday. More power to all PINOYTENDERS! 🙂


  112. This blog only shows that we should appreciate all sectors in the food service industry. What is being emphasized here are the bartenders. Obviously, some do not give importance to them and they were not being recognized that well. As Filipinos, we should give recognition to all the pinoytenders for they offer and give happiness to us and in our social lives. 😀 They also serve as an inspiration to all of the students who aspire to be in this kind of profession. STAND UP PINOYTENDERS! 🙂


  113. What this article talks about is right. We should not only acknowledge what the chefs have done for us. Because in the F&B Industry, food and drinks really come together. They are inseparable.. For every food comes a drink, because without a drink, a meal would not be complete. We can't even live a day without a drink. So we should also acknowledge the efforts all of the people behind making the beverages that we are drinking, may it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. If not for them, we won't be truly satisfied in eating or even just when we want something to drink. They should be given proper recognition just like the recognitions given to the chefs. They may not be that visible to us but they should not be left behind because they play a very important role in our daily lives. They may also serve as an inspiration to those who want to be in the F&B Industry someday. So, more power to you PINOYTEDERS! STAND UP PINOYTENDERS!:)


  114. I agree. In this article, it tells us that not only the chefs must be given credits to their creations but also bartenders/baristas. Bartenders/Baristas should be given importance too because we all know that food and drinks come together. In a restaurant, food is the main focus, but in a bar where drinking is the focus, then a bartender gets more of the impact. They possess different talents and skills compared to typical employee or any service business. And yes, we should stand up for Pinoytenders and give them much appreciation as much as we give to our chefs.

    Africa, Bryan V.
    Centro Escolar University – Makati

  115. Very well said! For me when i read about this article, i was inspired. Being a Bartender is a Big Responsibility in a Bar. They are not just people serving drinks. But they also Entertain the Guests, which is a good thing because the People will be Inspired of it and will also have Respect for the Bartenders.

    Eugenio, Jhann Paolo L.

  116. this blog "A Baretender's Blog" really opens a lot of awareness not only to those who are in the food industry but to everybody. The blog really brings out what is being left out— because as much as filipinos cannot live without food and are very food enthusiast, we filipinos also are a fan of drinks—a lot. as we filipinos embraces different cuisines as we do "restaurant-hopping", i observed that we are also fond of trying out different beverages (alcoholic or non-alcholic) as long as its new and good in the eyes. Furthermore, PINOYTENDERS are slowly making their way and starting to make names to different countries for their unbelievable talents. Everyone is entitled for a name—doctors, professors, engineers, chefs and bartenders. anyone can make a name eventhough we were once a doctor and wanted to be a chef, or a teacher who want to be a bartender. What i am saying is anyone can be someone for something that they believe they can excel and for something they love doing. As long as you have the passion and dedication, you can be anyone you want to be. Just make it happen. –
    Elimarson Dahilig

  117. I love drinking alcohol but I don't have the idea how to mix different kinds of liquors, and I'm excited how bar man give me knowledge about mixing drinks.but this is for all the pinoy bartenders who aims to have a credit not only the chef's because bartenders shows us more interesting presentations than the chef's but chefs serves us decadent foods. for me, they should both given credit for the creations they have made.

    Obida, Kevin Troy P.

  118. Bar tending is a very exciting job,Knowing for a fact that before you became a good bar tender, all the knowledge and skills you learn, should always apply more practice and exercise for better performance, but if you don't want bar tending at all, don't frustrate yourself to try it, because it'll let you down at the end.

    Legamia , Don Jerryco

  119. Bar tending is a very exciting job,Knowing for a fact that before you became a good bar tender, all the knowledge and skills you learn, should always apply more practice and exercise for better performance, but if you don't want bar tending at all, don't frustrate yourself to try it, because it'll let you down at the end.

    Legamia , Don Jerryco

  120. Maybe in the near future I myself can be the best PINOYTENDER not just here in the Philippines but also in the whole world 🙂 as a Filipino it makes me proud to be a real Filipino because Filipinos are real talented, smart and very skillful.we should be glad because we have this PINOYTENDERS because without them we cannot taste a different kind of beverages so two thumbs up

    Guillermo , Joshua

  121. After I had read the article I understand what is this for, i thought it's only for us students to be guided on the procedures on how to mix those liquors and some basic flairs.they should both given credit for the creations they have made.We also have very successful Pinoytenders who are working around the world. thumbs up

    Sanchez, Kim Patrick

  122. Agree! Bartenders are more profitable than Chefs but im not saying that Baristas are better than chefs. some of us cling for different beverages but we forget to appreciate those people behind that awesome cocktail..

    Enriquez, Terrence Dwayne A.

  123. well, i do agree! its about time to give importance and appreciation to the bartenders not only for the chefs but also we must learn to give significance for what others do or did. just to be FAIR! WE all deserve it! SWEAR! 🙂

    and also Yes, many people nowadays or should i say i myself love to go bar hopping and drinking alcoholic beverages but i really dont know what is the real content of it. and because of that i do believe that it is in the hands of the barista's about the safeness of their customers, therefore they have important role in our lives!

    Go PINOYTENDERS! keep it up !!
    i am proud of you!

    BACALO, kimberly rose

  124. We shouldn’t really just disregard the people who give effort and love in preparing beverages for us. Same with how we treat the people behind the Food sector. Foods and beverages are inseparable. Let’s give both an appreciation as well as the people behind them.

    Kimberly T. Del Prado

  125. People who will read this article will also agree that "bartenders" should also be given credits like what the chefs are having. They are not just serving drinks to customers but they also entertain their customers by doing different tricks on the flair bottle while mixing and shaking different drinks. Pinoytenders are very creative and talented. And I think they deserve credits for having a great and unique skills.

    Franz Jerome Porrazzo

  126. AGREE! Pinoy bartenders are great and they deserve to be recognize. They give so much entertainment to us and they make the most delicious drinks in our favorite bars! I'M PROUD TO ALL THE PINOYTENDERS!
    And i SALUTE YOU ALL for that!

    Ayeesa Ronaelle B. Ang

  127. You are exactly right! Bartenders are not recognized much as what the chefs received. Most of the people consider chefs as the heroes of the kitchen, while the bartenders have given less attention. Maybe, this is the time for the bartenders, specifically the pinoytenders, to be given credits on their talents and skills, and be famous around the world. Just like what happened to Frederic “Eric” Martinez, a Filipino bartender. Last March of this year, he won as the “Greatest Bartender of the World,” which was held in Las Vegas. He bested seven other champions from the T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant outlets all over the world. Isn’t it fantastic? What if the Pinoytenders be recognize as the best bartenders of the world? Nothing is impossible with hardworking Filipinos.


    ᴍᴀʀɪᴀɴᴇ ᴊᴏʏᴄᴇ sᴀʟᴀᴢᴀʀ
    (ᴍᴊ sᴀʟᴀᴢᴀʀ)❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  128. Bartending could be a very challenging thing that we could learn. Not only because we enjoy doing some bartending stuffs and making drinks but it develop our skills and we could be a successful filipino bartender in the future..

    Mariano, Donatel John P.
    AHRM 2F

  129. I absolutely agree. It is not only the chefs that should be recognized but also the Pinoytenders because they form part of the Food and Beverage industry. I am really amazed with what the Pinoytenders can do, their stunts are really amazing and unique.

    Cheers to the Pinoytenders! Mabuhay! 🙂


  130. I stand corrected.
    Frederic "Eric" Martinez was crowned "2006 Greatest T.G.I. Friday's Bartender in the World."


    ᴍᴀʀɪᴀɴᴇ ᴊᴏʏᴄᴇ sᴀʟᴀᴢᴀʀ
    (ᴍᴊ sᴀʟᴀᴢᴀʀ)❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  131. Bartenders and drinks are like wallflowers in the food industry. They tend to be unpopular compared to the recognition given food and chefs. Most of the time, food and chefs have the spotlight in most media sources (e.g. magazines, newspapers, website articles). The question is why food and chefs is more famous than bartenders and drinks. Why is there no balance in terms of recognition? These are the questions that we need to think about. This blog definitely raised my awareness about the topic. Thanks for the blog.

    Rochelle Angelou G. Pereña

  132. we should recognized Pinoytenders because mixing drinks and entertain people with their flaring exhibition is not easy. not only the chefs should give credit but also the bartenders. bartending is a part of Food and Beverage industry, bartenders are more profitable than chefs.

    Leal, Reggie C.

  133. This article shows that the spotlights are all up to the chefs and the food they make. We should also give credits to the beverage industry because they're not just making good drinks for us, its also a profession and an art.

    Velacruz, Selina Louise C.

  134. We should not focus in cooking industry. We must appreciate also the bar industry. Without them we doesn't have drinks in the bar. They re also entertaning us whenever we are entering the bar. Being a bartender is very challenging, you must make a shots in a short while period. In short, We must appreciate that they are doing their best just to satisfy our needs whenever we are hanging out everywhere. Being a bartender is a hard job and also profitable than others.

    Geronimo, Kristelle P.

  135. Ramos,Regine Gwen M.

    In this article we must focus also in food and beverage management because this is also a part of hotel industry.Yes of course! chefs and bartenders must have credits.If we don't have baristas or bartenders in the bar the people does not enjoy in that place because the bartenders are very entertaining and they making drinks for us. =)


    Very well said Sir Richie. Yes! They always or most of the time giving a lot of attention and recognition to Chefs but sometimes some of them are just Chef wannabees. If there is a good Chef there is always a good Bartender that for me totally deserves recognition like Chefs gets now a days, because being a bartender they just don't put your drink in a glass and serve to you they always make it with passion and they really know what they're doing and at the same time they do it with entertainment, in short they are PROFESSIONALS that also deserves recognition and must be proud of.

  137. Tuzon, Ivan A.

    Yes, because nowadays chefs are in demand and I think people love what they doing. And there's nothing to compare between being a chef's and being a bartender also. Because they are different in techniques, style, art. Anyway, I'm proud to have a good, professionals PinoyTenders.

  138. Pacano, Marian
    It’s true that today’s one of the famous character are the chef’s. They are being seen by the television and different articles, magazines unlike bartenders. We usually see these bartenders in competition where they are flair tending, making exhibition and of course those bars with baristas. But what about those people who cannot afford to go to bars and sip just a little bit of tequila or wines. That’s why I think that bartenders are not as well known as that chef’s. When the time comes that these bartenders are also popular like the chef’s, there will be a high volume of people will undergo different practices for them to learn how to be a bartender.

  139. Limpin, Arvin E.

    I believe in you sir that bartenders should be recognize also because of their art of making so many kinds of cocktails for those drinkers or for making a beverage for them to satisfy their wants. but to be able to for them to be recognize they should be the one to make their moves and own styles in preparing them.

  140. Jungco, Francisco Jr S.

    So, in this profession you not only have to learn the bartending skills but you have to really be a people person. You will likely have to listen to the customer's troubles, as well as confessions. You will have to entertain. You will also have to serve as an age patroller because it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone you serve is of legal drinking age. So, duties are definitely not limited to mixing drinks.

  141. For us to become a very successful pinoy bartenders we must first apply Faith,and also Love for our work.I think being a Bartender is a hard work in my part Because you will perform a falitending for us to entertain customers and also the mixing of drinks we need to mewasure it properly whil e we mix drinks and we need to have a special relationship with our customers and we need to love our pofession as well some Bartending not only teaches the flair bottles,handling customers relationship ,and mixing drinks.but also educating us to be a professional and act as professional .And also as bartender we need to handle customers complain in right way.Thats a successful pinoy bartender

    Nañola,Kevin Jo P.

  142. Amoroso, Trizia Anne

    For me culinary and bartending should be given an equal attention because both of them are difficult in their own ways. But since culinary has been given a lot of space in news papers, magazines and other published materials it's now time for the bartenders to showcase what they've got in their field. it is true that it is disappointing to think of how this industry is put aside. Maybe culinary is given more attention because it is one of the current trends. It is so sad to think that they were able to mainstream culinary arts but not bartending. If they will only see the potential of this industry they will see the need of these to be advertised. As a matter of fact looking at bartenders’ skills they have the guts to make it and compete with other booming industries. It is also good to look at bartending beyond alcoholic drinks and beverages, people must be open minded that culinary arts and bartending coincide together.

  143. Haha, This article for me, Is like a well mixed Concoction. With a Big Point as well as a hint of Humor. Yeah, you'll get choked when all you do is eat you need to drink also. Good Job. 🙂 Although it's not that easy to equalize bartending and culinary services in the "Consumer's Eyes". But it is possible. It may take time but with Determination. "Someday, Mojito's, Margarita's,etc, may Surpass Classic Roast Chickens, Soups, Desserts, etc"
    I am Looking forward in that "Someday" 😀
    Nice Article BTW.

    del Rosario, Christian Lhar S.

  144. Its very true that oftentimes we can only see articles about food and who makes them. When Im reading the article id also questioned myself about bartenders and baristas. The people in culinary and also in the beverage dept should be given an equal attention. I know people love foods but people also loves to drink. Its a fair game for me. An expert from culinary and an expert from the beverage department. A little mind set and a little realization must be there though. xD

    Mangilit, Jenny Rose C

  145. This article tells us that Culinary Arts and Bartending should have equal attention in the industry.I like what is says in the first part..That we should not only focus on Those foods,but also in drinks. Culinary arts is the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared. Likewise in Bartending,I think it's about time to focus how these ALcohols are made…:)

    Cadiz,Marcine Marielle C.

  146. I want to be a chef and own a restaurant,that's the usual response of the student's when they ask why did they chose BS HRM as their course. Personally, I never dreamt about beverage industry as well as about working in a bar. I don't know why,but maybe because I don't have enough knowledge about working in a bar and I thought that there's nothing special about it.Now I already have a background about bar and beverage management and I think that it will be a good business and a good profession.

    In this article,I think bartenders especially Pinoytenders lack in exposure. We all know that media is powerful that made people influence in different things. All we can see in the tv programs is about cooking and contests of chefs and these programs/shows have a big effect in the mentality of people. How about bartenders? They are always left out, they're not recognize by people. Food and drinks are important in our lives and we need to treat them equally especially in the hospitality industry. We must not only focusing about food we need to recognize different aspects in the hospitality industry because all things are important in different ways. If we recognize and praise different chef we must to the same in bartenders and baristas. They all have their own different efforts about their crafts and we must be proud about it. We need also to give importance the people behind the dinks we ordered in the bar because without them we will not have different kinds of drinks, drinks that somehow represent different characteristic of people. We give thanks the people behind the different drinks, without them we can't appreciate the art of mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

    –Banzuela, Ann Princess T.

  147. I agree with this article.why don't they give the same honor and attention to the beverage sector it is more interesting and’s all about having fun with the customers and all the drinks they mix.cheer for all the bartenders.this time I'll be more serious about this subject.
    hands up:)

    ESMILLA,Alyanna A.

  148. after reading this blog, i have also realized the thought that this blog is trying to make us realize. in giving equal recognition to the so called PINOYTENDERS, to see their worth, and what do they do to make serve and give the best shot we ever had. as the chefs and other professionals are recognized, their are so much things to thank that we have these bartenders, because like the other professions, it is also difficult to be a bartender, but as much as possible, they tried not to show us, as their customers, the hardships that they are encountering, instead they are performing a great flairing skills just to entertain us, and also giving us the best concoctions. as stated, the PINOYTENDERS are also great, we must give them recognition as well.


  149. This blog really gives a point. Because its always about food that has been well-known to our television, in every department store, etc. bartenders and baristas are like chefs, chefs cook foods, and bartenders and baristas concoct beverages. Without these "PINOYTENDERS" we'll be drinking plain gins with iced tea as chasers, or drinking tequila without any twist. By giving them recognition. there will be an opportunity for PINOYTENDERS to show what they are made of.

    Macadangdang, Raphael L.

  150. This article is interesting, first of all i just want to say, that i'm proud to be a Filipino. well, agree or disagree most of them wants us to work under there company. specially in tourism industry, off course! We Filipino is famous when it comes in hospitable,friendly and artistic.well that's life, We must live. we should work for money in order to survive, We Filipinos, should recognize the efforts of the BARTENDERS and BARISTAS in our country, Maybe culinary is given more attention because it is one of the current trends,well, it's nice and pleasure to see all the Pinoy Bartenders all over the world for being successful in their career, job well done! Cheers

    Ong, Vincent V.

  151. ENRIQUE, rachelle p.

    yes.i AGREE with this article.I think it is time that they should recognize PINOYTENDERS/BARTENDERS like they recognize the chef.Its not fair to them because they are also working hard to make us drinks and entertain at the same time.They should give them a big name in our country to recognize that its not just bartending and its not that easy to do their job.

  152. well, after reading this article, i agree that we should also give attention to our Bartenders and baristas who really give their best efforts just to make us our imaginable drinks. although i'm a fan of watching incredible chef's who are really good in cooking and in everything, but it's true that we should also acknowledge those who are really good in mixing drinks and in flairing bottles, most especially our PINOY BARTENDERS who really work hard not just to impress us in their abilities but also in satisfying our wants in our drinks. well that's it it's time for us to be more proud and to give our VERY SUPPORT to our filipino bartenders all over the world. Great job pinoy bartenders.!!

    Balbuena, Robee Melaine T.

  153. Chefs, check. Room Service staffs, check. Bar employees, check. Banquet personnel, check. These are just some of the working hands in the Food and Beverage Department. But truthfully speaking–as this article has clearly stated– not all are just given equal recognition while everybody is doing their duties as parts to stabilize the work of the whole. Given credits or not, kudos to all awesome pinoytenders who continually pours their hearts on their passion!

    Manalo, Elaiza Joyce M.

  154. JASPER said.. 🙂

    I totally agree with this article. We should give acknowledgement to all the bartenders, especially to all the Filipino bartenders.
    It is a inspiring article for HRM students to be part in this kind of industry to contribute something and to be recognize as a PINOY BARTENDERS not only here in the philippines but all over the world!


    LANDINGIN,john jasper.

  155. For some reasons, this article gives a really good shot. Even though I'm not fond of drinking and I like cooking more than making drinks, I think it must be a fair judge in hospitality industry, specifically to F&B Dept. to not just focus and give praise to those who are making good dishes but also to those who make and give delightful drinks to the guests. As we all know, being a bartender is not just flaring bottles, they also give their dedications to their works not just to satisfy the guests but also satisfying themselves that they have a job well done in every guest they’ve served. They don’t just make drink but also make friends. Like chefs and other members of the F&B Dept. they also dedicate their life in making and serving a scrumptious stuff we put in our stomach so let’s just be fair and all. c: CHEERS! ♪♪

    -Kaludin, Farisha R.

  156. I agree with this article. Some establishments focused strictly on the food, this can mean the bartender is all but invisible.But in some places they make bartenders part of the entertainment. We should give credit to chefs but we should also recognize and give credit to bartenders.

    -Joyce Ann Abriam

  157. As we all know, being a bartender is not just flaring bottles, they also give their dedications to their works not just to satisfy the guests but also satisfying themselves that they have a job well done in every guest they’ve served, but it's true that we should also acknowledge those who are really good in mixing drinks and in flairing bottles.

    Gwyn Ray M. Lim

  158. Hello, sir! This article is really interesting. I realized something, no bias at all, but I think its about time for the Filipinos to give attention to our industry which is this, "Bartending". And honestly sir, I took HRM to learn more about beverage because my dad is like you before, is also a cruise line bartender, so I'm planning to be like you and my dad in the future.

    I also want to mention about the Pinoytenders, because as of now, they are still few but in the future, I want to be called one of the Pinoytenders also. 🙂

    Flores, Nina Franchesca V.

  159. I am so very agree in this article. Because this article help us to not only to focus in food but also in beverage because most of the people if they saw a bartender the first that comes to their mind is flaring tricks.

    Cendaña, Rome Philip G.

  160. I agree to this article.Bartending is not an easy job.Mixing drinks, flairing a bottle so that the customers may be entertained. Be fair, if I were a manager of an Establishment I will not focused only on the food but also to the beverages that we'll be served to guest/customers.All Bartenders wants to satisfy their customers.

    Ramos, Ma.Geryl K.

  161. right indeed!…. i agree that it is just fair enough for us to know that there are also another industry that is just waiting for us to grab it. the bar industry that most of us just do not notice the importance and the it helps the economy by providing array of professionals!

    Rojales, Sherry Maign H08221

  162. A toast for that sir! we seldom notice that these industry has been surrounding us even from the ancient time it has been a part if the industry that never stopped growing, we just consider them as the "usual" because we just see them regularly in our streets not realizing that whenever we have somewhere to go it never gets out of the list…we have been amazed too much of the fancy cuisines and these mouth watering dishes that our beloved chefs has been plating us, not noticing that while eating the next thing we do is take a sip or a gulp of whatever food we are taking in,sometimes to better bring out its flavor, to neutralize its taste or simply just to refresh ourselves….i believe that it is time for these mix-masters to break the ice, its time we see how high these flare's could go if we just anticipate the opportunity it gives, not just a bottomless profit it could give the bar owners but a very enjoyable career as to all the bar-masters "this shot is for you"….god bless

    Esperancilla,Rans Nichi A Ho8221

  163. I would like to thank mr. Richie Cruz for making this kind of blog, or rather this great blog. Like what he said those people behind the bar, the bartender or baristas, must receive recognition for their hard work but i think they themselves should make their own crafts put on a pedestal so that they can showcase what they've got. For an example, these bartenders from the Philippines (i don't know if such exists in other countries) make their own club, group or association to write the history of the bar tending here Philippines or like make a book regarding to the subject. These actions could make difference in the course of Philippine bartending industry and maybe someday the recognition that the bartenders want to achieved may be a bright achievement tomorrow.

    Karas, Ahmad Rafsan R.

  164. bartending is not easy.they should have put into food industry beacause Bartenders usually serve as the public image of the bar they tend, contributing to as well as reflecting the atmosphere of the bar. In some establishments focused strictly on the food, this can mean the bartender is all but invisible. On the other extreme, some establishments make the bartender part of the entertainment, expected perhaps to engage in flair bartending or other forms of entertainment, such as those exemplified in the films Cocktail and Coyote Ugly. In regions where tipping is the norm, bartenders depend on tips for most of their income. Bartenders are also usually responsible for confirming that customers are of the legal drinking age before serving them alcohol. A major responsibility of a bartender is to make sure customers do not over-imbibe.

    Barbasina Raymond Roni G.

  165. I agree but somewhat disagree with the article. Yes I think it is high time that drinks should be equally praised as food because in many magazine articles it is only the food and the chef who take all the credit. The drink merely complements the food we eat but it still deserves to have it's own page in the magazines right? I also disagree with this article that the bar is the one earning more profits? I don't know, it's what I have observed. Maybe it's because I don't really go to bars that often, but still for me the one that really generates sales in the Food and Beverage industry is food not only is it essential to us Chef's really find new ways to make our mouths tingle with mouth watering meals that are to die for if you ask me. To end this essay I think a bartenders life is amazing. Their social life, culture, aura it's just AWESOME! thank God for the bartender!

    AH02 Montenegro Giovanni Angelo

  166. While reading this article, all I’ve been saying was “oo nga no.” I think the bartenders have been underappreciated, before when I was unaware of what they do, the only thing I know about them is that they can flair and serve drinks, nothing more. I never thought they’re the one who make those magnificent drinks, I also thought it was the chefs who did the recipes and the bartenders just mix them, it’s a shame, but now I know. I also realized that, they’re the one who made those non-drinkers feel like they belong whenever they’re at the bar with their friends. For example, if a group of friends went to a nightclub bar and one of their peers doesn’t drink, a bartender can make him/her a non-alcoholic beverage, the mocktails. Doing that, that particular person won’t feel out of place, they can hang-out with their friends without having to force themselves to drink alcohols, plus they will have a good time, thanks to the bartenders.

    AH02 Aciaga, Ronalyn Angelica

  167. Great article sir richie 🙂

    I agree with what your article is talking about Pinoy Bartenders. Bartending is not just an easy profession. It takes plenty of time, knowledge, focus, skills and hard work to be able to become one of these guys.

    Pinoy Bartenders should be acknowledge for their great inventions of different kinds of drinks and definitely for their awesome stunts (flair bartending) because by doing so Pinoy Bartenders would be encourage to make more drinks for us, do some more exciting flair tending stunts for us and also encourage other people to be one great bartenders one day so that the bartending industry would get bigger and bigger.

    Torres, Czarina Cheska O. AH01

  168. Pinoytenders are really good compared to the foreign bartenders so we can be proud of them. We all know that people are dying for foods, we eat a lot to satisfy ourselves. But when we eat, we need to drink. so this article emphasizes us to recognized our drinks, how it is made up by pinoy tenders and how it is being served. We should be knowledgeable about this. Bartending is not an easy job so we better to appreciate them. Because without them, who will make our favorite cocktails,right? Bartending in our country is continuously spreading so that it will become acquainted in other country and to become proud of us. Bartender also the one who makes our night become entertaining by doing flair tending and to show them how to mix a unique cocktails in front of them. Not only that, some of the pinoy tenders discover new ways to gain more satisfaction to the customers and to make them happy all night. It is the way for them to show their creativeness in terms of alcoholic drinks and unexpectedly, you will be surprised because you don't know that you have a hidden talents. So being a bartender is one great job to interact with your customers and to serve them well with additional tips when they satisfy with your performance.
    So I salute all Filipino Bartender! Great Job! Cheeeeeers!

    RIVERA, Dalleri D.

  169. Bartending is a good job to all of us filipinos, we are all known for being hospitable to other foreign guests who visits us every year. We all know that some foreigners love some of our food that we serve them, we should give them the right drink that they need. For the PinoyTenders, I salute them for their hardwork, dedication, skill in making this cocktails, mocktails, flairing. We have hidden talents that we do not share with our friends but in our work we can show it to them. I salute all the Filipino Bartenders here in our country and in abroad! Cheeeers to all!

    GARCIA, Justin Timothy G.

  170. I concur with what the article was pointing out about how drinks or beverages don't get as much attention as food or chefs. Since people usually go to restaurants to experience and taste the food, they don't pay as much attention to what drink they pair it with. Some food do taste better if paired with the right drink. It may even elevate the flavor of the food it's partnered with. In my opinion, people should focus on the drinks they order since it is equally complex to make like food. Also, not only do the bartenders make this amazing drinks, they also perform and entertain the customers with those bar flairs which are not that easy to do. Bartenders equally work hard to make complex drinks and I believe they should be featured more.

    Tan, Sharmaine L. AH01

  171. I've haven't thought about being a bartender before but I've always thought they were awesome. I agree that pinoytenders should also be given credit like the chefs. Mixing and creating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages isn't easy. It needs passion and love for the job to make it possible. Imagine tending the bar for hundreds of guests every night and sometimes putting up a show by bottle flairing, definitely not a lot of people could do that. It is right that pinoy bartenders should be given credit and they deserve an article in newspapers or maybe even their own magazine about pinoytenders.

    To all the pinoytenders and pinoytenders who have served me drinks and poured passion into a glass, I thank you!

    Gantan, John Paul M. AH01

  172. At first, I was unaware of what a bartender does for a living. I only learned a few ideas about them when I encountered our seminar at TGIF’s. After that seminar, I was really impressed with what they do. I agree with what you say, it is a very difficult to be a bartender. Bartenders are like chefs of their own league. Not only do they mix and flair, but also they should be knowledgeable and accommodating at all times. We should give credit to them for what they continue to offer to us in terms of the entertainment and beverage industry.

    Cruz, Beatrice Marie R. AH01

  173. I haven't given much thought about the persons that did serve my drinks. Well also the once that serve my food. But after reading this blog I realize that maybe that's the problem. People take the tenders and servers for granted. Sure we give them a few thanks or a tip here and there and think that's enough. We enjoy our drinks and food but do the Tenders enjoy our company? I can't say for bartenders since I am not one. When will gratitude be enough? Is it that when drinks are renowned, or when beverage industry is high lighted, or just a simple smile of a customer?
    What I do understand is that maybe that the simple pleasure of a drink and the company of a bartender will never be describe by a newspaper or magazines. You really have to be there. You have to feel it yourself.
    Yes beverage tend to be ignored but it's a factor in life.
    I mean come on we can't live without water and sometimes the fun starts when the Bartenders say "Pick you poison"

    AH02 Rodica, Jose Felix L.

  174. The message of the article is the best way to open our hearts and minds in recognizing our talented baristas and bartenders in each places that we hangout especially for those people who are using them as employees, entertainers inside and outside their establishments. What i'm saying is not only me and other people should respect them and treat them well everytime we meet them or as we order our drinks so that they will feel that they are important and they are recognized because sometimes when we don't recognized some people they feel like they don't belong to something or to someone else. I think recognition of them is the best way to repay them on making our drinks everytime we hangout somewhere else because they will that they are belonged or they will they are accepted in that area of society which is good to boost them more and be more inspired.

    Nikko Martin G. Nobleza

  175. Being a Bartender or barista is not an easy task to do. Yes they simply mix our drinks, but for them it's their profession and skill to serve us what we want to drink. This blog is so inspiring and helpful for us students and drinker. We gave more credit who cooks for us, but how about who mixes our drinks? Equality deserves them. They are the ones who satisfy our belly after we eat and sometimes they are the ones who makes the party more pumped up with their own mixes. So for that, we should respect them not for being a crew or what, but because they are Bartenders and they keep on mixing while we having fun or chatting with our friends. They must be advertise to not only their drinks but the Bartender too. It's time to see all the skillful and talented Bartender all around the world. For others flaring and mixing is just a amusing thing to watch because the bottles are waving around the Bartenders, but for them it's everything. It's the satisfaction they want from us not the money or what so ever. As for that I, myself salut all of the Bartenders or bartistas all over the world!! Reading this blog opens my mind to our "Drink-Maker"

    Chua, John Paul P.

  176. This blog entry has made quite a great point. Based on the concept of food and beverage, you will need one or the other, respectively, in order to obtain equilibrium. I really think that we should give attention to beverages as much as what we give to food. Cooking might be a default skill for everyone, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't give importance or have no interest in drinks. There's a ton of things that we can acquire from learning things about beverages that we can apply in food as well. Kudos to all the Pinoytenders out there!

    Simeon, Diza Jin R.

  177. I definitely agreed on what the article says, I think this is the time to appreciate and to recognize the people that entertain us when serving our drinks in the bar. performing crazy tricks in a bottle. we call them bartenders. They need to be appreciated and to be recognize also like chefs because of their skills in making drink, because not all the people have the skills in performing amazing tricks in bar. I'm very well impressed in these pinoy bartenders because of their hardwork and passion in doing their job. so I appreciate all the pinoy bartenders out there, thank you for inspiring me.

    Del Rosario, Mervin Paul M.

  178. Other than simply being "agreeable" to the point of interest, the amount of recognition to people behind the industry is quite balanced as I can see. Since we're kind of giving credit to Pinoy Bartenders here, let me focus on the side of our country. One of the reason behind the little interest about those "makers" might be that people in our country have their thoughts about giving credits are cramped about just having themselves satisfied. Maybe because we are labeled as "passive" consumers– that most Filipino's doesn't give insights, complains, and comments/suggestions about the product in general marketing terms. We don't care about how the company/creator/firms/maker of the product we're consuming analyze us on how we perceive their product, we're all just like an automatic "programmed" machine that we're given a seemingly "hard" level of product-reaction.

    The following is the level of product-reaction by most Filipino:

    – Unsatisfied Filipino consumers mostly won't complain and just leave the premises once they found out there are other establishment who serves identical product. Although there are some who complains, they are easily negotiated.

    – Satisfied Customers mostly react by simply smiling and later on do a "word-of-the -mouth" marketing through peers who're interested in the product. Although it is a good reaction, the customer would only focus on the product and not about how it was made by a certain person. The first description would be about the product's functionality, in Food and Beverage Industry it's the taste or appearance, and not about "who made it". In short, we don't usually care who's the specific person who made it. Unless, the food starts to give an astronomical and a guinness-book-of-record experience.

    The thing is, although a few and slowly being "fast" change is happening in our current time, since this is written on 2010, and we're now in 2014, Filipino media is considered "developing" as it's country's label. It means that, if international media was focusing mostly on "Food" than "Beverage" before while Filipino media was the least, then Filipino media of now is just starting to recognize the kitchen entirety than the Beverage industry. Needless to say, international standards are also slowly coming to recognize the Beverage industry we are hoping. And hopefully Filipino media would soon gaze upon the beverage section because this could motivate young people aspiring to become a part of this industry and would reach out those who don't know that this industry exists.

    BLASCO, Matthew N.
    AH01 – Mapua Makati

  179. I agree with the article. Being an excellent bartender is much more than a job it is a skilled profession. Good bartending used to be and still is about speed and skill, but really takes much more than that. A few of the key qualities of an outstanding bartender would include attention, knowledge, and order. A good bartender would never give the customer a chance to ask for another drink; instead he/she would have noticed that the customers drink is at its last swallow and would start pouring or opening the next one

    MARUNDAN, Pauline Ann D.
    AH02 – HRM

  180. Nice Article Sir. 🙂

    I know that being a Bartender is not an easy job, to be a well know bartender you have to be talented, hardworking, knowledgeable and most especially dedicated to your profession. So thumbs Up for all the Bartenders out there who makes different kind of beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

    As Filipinos we should be proud of all the Pinoy Bartenders/PinoyTenders out there, because they are the one who makes drinks for us when we are celebrating or even the persons who keeps us entertain. So to all the bartenders out there Good luck and more powers to you all. Cheers….

    Fabula, Glennar Rainan G. / AH01

  181. In this case, we are focusing ourselves to our Filipino Bartenders. Bartending isn't an easy job but still we have our Filipino Bartenders who worked hard to reach their goal to become a successful bartender. Aside from food that makes us happy, we also have drinks, drinks, prepared by our beloved Bartenders. Our Bartenders makes our drinks more attractive and yummier that make us wild and alive. Our dear bartenders are already part of our every chill night get together with our friends because without them who will prepare our favorite drinks? Our Bartenders has the only power to make our drinks yummier as well as our good times be a blast! 🙂 But let’s not forget that Food and Beverage must be treated equally especially the persons who make it because they have their own strength in playing their role as chefs and bartenders.
    CHEERS! 🙂

  182. I like this blog, it is right that somehow there should be a balance in the attention of the food we eat with and the beverages we drink. The bartenders should get at least more known by the people who love to drink their beverages that they make for them just like how chefs cook the food they will serve. Mixing cocktails for me is a great craft and I would like to see and taste more exquisite drinks to come, CHEERS! 😀

    Aldeguer, Joseph Matthew II M.

  183. Your article sir has an impact to me because it made me realize that being bartender and/or barista is not just a job it is what you call a passion because they use their servitude with a beat of their hearts. They are the one who are making our favourite cocktails, Frappuccino, and other types of drinks, and yet we’re not giving them any token of appreciation whenever they’re doing our drinks, you can just say thank you to them and smile and I think they appreciate it. That’s why we call it F&B management, not just food and also not just beverage, there must be equality between the both of them when in terms of although they are different from one another.

    Let us all support the Pinoytenders and soon to be pinoytenders as well.

    Montoya, Jomar D.

  184. I find this article interesting. It is hard to be Bartenders and Baristas. Bartenders and Barista should know how to make a good drink and serve it to guests. Those people how knows how to mix alcohols or brew coffee well, that doesn't mean you are a professional Bartender and Barista. You should know the skills to mix a good alcohols and brew good coffee. When is comes to mixing a alcohol it doesn't mean that color or the look should be good but you need to put right amount of coloring and alcohol to make a good drink and tasty.
    In a restaurant if there a no good chef there will be no good foods. In bar also, if there is no good bartender there will be no drinks. So….practice makes perfect! There are no people who are good at anything without practicing.

    PINOYTENDER do your best!!

    Roh, Seung Woo

  185. I agree with this. This article is interesting and it is true it is sad to think that other people don't notice or don't focus on drinks they just order whatever is available. I salute on all the bartenders and baristas because i know that it is hard to be them. This is not only a job but it is a passion .For me mixing cocktails is awesome because when i go to a bar i was amazed by the bartenders!! I was always asking my self "how do they do that" I think that culinary and bartending should be given an equal attention because both of them are difficult in their own ways. It's time to give acknowledgement to all the hardworking bartenders out there!

    Vivas, Jaya Dae C.

  186. This article is all about bar tending and it shows how bar tending is important in HRM and it is interesting to learn how to mix alcoholic beverages and how to flair bottles. Bar tending is also bringing entertainment in hospitality industry. Bar tending is not easy, one must be trained to do it because it is not just mixing alcohol but you need to mix it perfectly in color and flavor. This article helps us to recognize bartenders, and I expect that I will learn how to flair and to mix alcoholic beverage at the end of the term. I owe a lot of respect to all the pinoy bartenders out there!

    Dizon, Armand Anthony T.

  187. There are many ways in which the said professions are similar such as both are jobs in the Food Service Industry. You’re going to go home sweaty and smelling like the kitchen or bar you work in at the end of the day. Both jobs require standing for the duration of your shift. Both jobs require astute senses of taste and smell. So, I don’t get it why does Chefs have to be recognized all the time while Bartenders and Baristas are somehow more unique when it comes to skills. People need to understand that being a Bartender and a Barista is not an easy job. Bartending is a Service profession. That is, you must engage and interact with members of the public for most transactions and are often rewarded in some fashion for the customers’ perceptions of how well you do your job or connect with those same customers. People in the Bar industry MUST be given also credit for satisfying their customers with their awesomely-made drinks and for entertaining them as well.

    Keep it up, PINOYTENDERS!!!! Continue to be awesome!

    JACA, Maureen Kiersteen P. –AH01

  188. I totally agree with you sir, bartenders also deserves to be notice especially culinary field isn't the only thing on the hospitality industry. Bartending is also a form art especially Bartenders prepare cocktails and mixtures to their customers. Compare to culinary, Bartending is what I am fascinated on especially they manage to do flairtending in a very limited space. that's why Bartenders also need attention.

    Anyway kudos to those who are in the field of bartending and continue inspiring and encouraging young people like us. Hopefully you'll receive the fame and glory you deserve.

    Kudos also to you sir for giving attention on the field of the bar. A lot of people in this industry needs attention especially they've contributed and achieved a lot and yet they are like they do not exist at all.


  189. The bar industry is a very competitive industry. And I certainly agree that Bartenders or PINOYTENDERS, need to be recognized. These amazing people are basically the reason why people go to bars; patrons may visit the bar for relaxation, for the ambiance, but of course, they go there to drink. And they need to be aware that the man behind the bar is the man who will make their night enjoyable. Being able to serve people, while mixing a hundred of different drinks (without reading the recipe) or flipping shakers and liquor bottles, for long hours is a very demanding job yet these people make it possible, why? Because, I believe, that they love their customers and because of that, I believe they deserve the recognition.



  190. Hospitality industry has a wide variety of opportunities such as housekeeping, culinary and food and beverage, and they should all be given equal credits from the people. I agree to give proper recognitions to Bartenders and Barista’s because they seldom take credit for art they do (yes I think bartending is an art). Having my own observation this article is right regarding that foods are always the highlight of food magazines and lifestyle area in the newspaper but very seldom talks about drinks like mock tails or cocktails. Without having the thought of bartenders makes your drinks on every bar you go in to for you to enjoy their night and sometimes listens to your problems while drinking? :)) so thank and credit them because they deserve it 🙂

    ARPILLEDA, Mary Anne Rose T. HRM130L – AH02

  191. This article is very interesting. It's totally true that bartenders lead a covetable lifestyle drinking for a living, staying out late at the hottest spots, sleeping until noon but they still work just as hard. People should recognize bartenders because not only they give us good tasting drinks they also give people entertainment. This is not an easy job so we must appreciate them. 🙂

    Reyes, Beatrice Charisse -AH01

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