My Boracay Experience

I never really planned to go there for this summer season for the primary reason of it being too expensive. Not until I read an ad of Zest Air (formerly Air Philippines) in the newspaper and to my surprise, a one way ticket would only cost me P1700 from Manila to Caticlan.

I just wanted to try a one way ticket and try to go on ro-ro (roll in-roll out) on my way back just for the adventure. I didn’t book right away coz I wanted to invite a friend of mine so that I wouldn’t be alone in my trip. I was able to have him confirm in joining me after 7 hours.

By the time I got back on line…whoa!!! There’s no more available flight for that price!!! The cheapest rate I could find was P2,600 but this time with Cebu Pacific because prices would be as high as P4,000 since it’s the start of the peak season.I went to the new terminal 3 of NAIA which is just 30-45 minutes away from where I stay.

I was asked my confirmation ticket which I printed online and a valid Identification Card. After the entrance I had to go through a scanning machine so I had to take off stuff in my pocket as well as my belt and put it in a basket which will go through the scanner. After which, I went to this other line where in my ticket was processed and since I only had a hand carry, I was weighed together with it. I was surprised because this was the first time I stepped on a weighing scale in an airport. I found out that this was to make sure that the left and right side of the plane would be balanced in terms of weight. Wow!!!

Then I proceeded to another terminal and paid a terminal fee of P200. Manila to Caticlan is just almost an hour flight.


Before we went to main boracay…we had to take a ferry boat from Caticlan…I was surprised that we had to pay an environmental fee, a tricycle ride and a ferry ride all for P150. But for the tricycle ride if I may suggest.. you can just walk from the airport to the ferry station. It will only take you 5 minutes!!! But when you reach the terminal you still have to pay a P50 terminal fee.

The ferry ride is just 5-10 minutes. From the dock, we had to take a tricycle again for a 5-10 minute ride for P25 per person. The first fun part of our Boracay experience was that we didn’t have any place to stay. We wanted to just shop around and find the best deal…and lucky for us, while we were in the ferry we met this lady who is a “commissioner” and she recommended a place to stay for only P1000 that me and my friend can split.

So we checked out the place…Once we were there, we weren’t really satisfied so we decided to look around…we bumped into another local who led us into this place called Sheena’s which is located in station 2 by the beach front…We checked out the place and we decided this is the place to stay having a better location and our room has a veranda to boot. The price was only P1,700.

But another interesting part of the trip is we bumped into another person who was alone and looked safe enough and wanted to share the room with us which means we divided the P1,700 into 3!!!

We started our adventure on a Thursday…






We were so hungry from the trip that we decided to have a pizza in the old reliable Shakey’s.

I ordered a beer for P45, a pitcher of Iced tea at P160 for my 2 friends and a combo pizza for P660 plus service charge and government taxes for everybody. Well it wasn’t really the best deal in town but we just had to eat. Boracay island is divided into 3 sections called Station 1-2-3. But more or less the prices of food or meals would range from P60-P180 and above…There are also buffets from P250 and above.

Here in Bora there are a variety of restaurants: German, Italian, Mediterranean, Filipino, Japanese, etc. For the whole trip we ate in Real Maris which is a resort Hotel in Station 1,another old reliable Andok’s, had pizza at Aria which is beside Hey Jude, which is one of the hang out place for night owls, we had buffet in a restaurant by the beachfront which I forgot, breakfast at Paradiso Grill, O, and if you are on a tight budget, I was surprised to see a budget mart and a bakeshop just by the main road by the end of “d’mall” as well as some carinderia that have decent food as well.

There is this one resto called Smoke which serves the best deal in bulalo at P185.


Now this aspect of the trip is very interesting. For local beers, starting price would be P45, other would price it at P66 and above.

There is this one bar though called “hobbit house” which amazed me coz it offers a lot of international beers that I know since I have an exposure for international brands working on a ship. Brands like Murphy’s, Dos xx, Kilkenny’s, etc… I recommend this for other nationalities who would miss there own beer brands while in bora…although it doesn’t come as cheap…it is priced the same as in other countries if you would convert it…so it’s still a decent deal.

Here’s a catch…some bars would offer a happy hour from 4pm – 9pm. This can either be a buy one take one, a beer by the bucket or a 30% off on cocktails!!! So you better check your watch.






What is the best bar to go to in Bora? I cannot really single out one since people hop from one bar to the other.

Well I may not yet be the authority but this is as far as I have seen during my stay…

If you just want a bar to chill and meet people, here are some suggested bars to check out: Hey Jude is one the first bars to check out since it is situated right in the heart of the Bora strip. Then there’s Juice bar, a corner bar with a nice R&B and house selection, then’ there’s Summer place in between station 2 and 3 and Cocomangas in station 1…both these bars are places that is mostly flocked by foreigners…I wonder why….

Then if you want to let loose and party you can go to station 1 and check out Guilly’s and Club Paraw. Another bar in station 1 that you can check out is Fridays’ (not related to the international brand), which is an institution in bora. If you want to listen to solo singers and jam as well, you may try Hobbit house, Charles’ bar, and Paradiso grill.

There are still a lot of bars in Bora..these are just some that made a difference in my stay.

Party in Bora starts from 5pm to 5am..but then again… who knows???






Okay, I almost forgot to include this but in this aspect of the trip you can book early online or do as we did and shop around. Prices may range from P500 to P5,000 per day. Some resort hotels that you can check are: Real Maris, Boracay Regency, Boracay Peninsula, Discovery, Mandarin, Patio Pacific, Red Coconut, etc, etc.

Just ask the services they offer.










Well aside from eating, drinking, and partying, one can still have options in Bora. In the day you can go diving, banana, boating, jet skiing, riding the ATV island hopping, skim boarding, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing, having a henna tattoo, or simply just lay on the sand with a beer in hand while staring at that beautiful sunset.


I had to include this topic although I myself didn’t do any shopping myself for there might be interested people about this topic. There would be 4 places to shop for souvenirs, clothes, hats, trinkets, and other stuff that you might fancy: along the beach front, d’mall, talipapa and by the town area.

Bargaining is a gift so test it in bora. Almost everything is here including load for you prepaid sim and internet café in case you need to check your mail so do not worry about it. There are also airline offices here so if in case you plan to rebook never fear….

This is one that made my boracay experience all the more interesting. Once you are in bora, you would feel a mix that you are in the Philippines but you are not…do you get my drift?? Different nationalities flock bora and some have stayed and lived there. Boracaynon is what you would call a native or a local that was born there but other migrants have stayed and worked there as well. Regardless of which …people are friendly and down to earth. Some are hustlers, but that’s part of the business although they are tamer than those I have encountered in some Caribbean countries.

And once you made friends in your first trip, you would still keep in touch with them until your next trip, and so on and so on.


Actually, I forgot to tell that we started our trip on Thursday morning and planned to go back Sunday. But instead of taking the ro-ro we ended up taking the plane again going back to Manila but not until Tuesday for the price of P3,900++!!!

If you wish to go to Bora for this long have a budget of around P15000 and maybe a credit card or atm in your wallet and you will be fine. It’s really worth the trip and it’s very addictive that you just want to keep coming back.

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  1. all the good scenery are captured in this place…in this small island Boracay vacation…
    is the best place to be relax…this place give's a best accommodation and hospitality…

    PTOUR1- casapao

  2. Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, sceneries, chillout places, shopping, and people. I've been in Boracay 2 years plus (I can't remember exactly) and each visit has been an unforgettable awesome experience. There is a saying that "what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay" because people literally are transformed like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.


  3. Boracay is primarily known for its clear waters and white sand beaches. Boracay is a very nice place. You can really enjoy different activities in Boracay like Scuba diving and wind surfing. It is one of the most beautiful place here in the Philippines. I can say that you can really enjoy in this island.



    i think Boracay is best for vacation, family reunion , Because of its white sand, blue water and good hotels to stay in,.


    i think Boracay is best for vacation, family reunion , Because of its white sand,fresh air blue water ,bars and a good hotels to stay in and Trying out the local cuisine in a place is like giving you a good glimpse of how it is to be living in the place. And it is very true when you are in Boracay. Having a taste of the local cuisine gives you a better understanding of the Boracay lifestyle.

  6. PTOUR1 – SY

    Boracay is a nice place to go to specially during summer. Great place, great sand, great food and great people. A place where you can spend a lot of good times with family, friends and love ones. Even if you go there without any companion only your self, you still can enjoy and meet a lot of new friends anyway what happens in boracay stay in boracay 🙂

  7. PTOUR1 – Garchitorena. 🙂

    Boracay represents Philippines and its equally beautiful and marvelous islands from different parts of the country. Its clean water and diversed marine life shows how rich Philippines is in terms of resources. It is considered one of the country's premier tourist destination with its beautiful white sand and scenic views that makes it renowed in the world.


    Maybe i can say, it is all in one, you can have a shop
    out there, buy some souvenirs, restaurants, bars, hotels, and a beautiful beatches.
    you can relax, have a massage, and take a picture with the beautiful surroundings.
    even you will spend a lot of money, it is a fulfillment to go there.
    A wonderful adventure you will encounter in Boracay.

  9. Nice shot,I love your photos, and I really like it. Boracay is paradise and crystal. I loved it.
    I hope i can go there someday… I just wanted to see this place.


  10. Wo0ohaAaw. I can’t believe that you can still go to Boracay at a cheapest price! Amazing. If you want lots of experiences and more, you can stay in Boracay. Boracay has a complete packages that you will surely enjoy and you’ll never regret the money you’ve spend.

    PTOUR1 – Carlos

  11. Boracay is one of the top tourist spot here in the philippines many other nation come to feel the white sand and clear water of bora, Hotels and restaurants.This place is the perfect place for relaxation and a family reunion or to be with your partner in life. As I read this blog its much cheaper now because I remember the time we went there by ferry and we payed 1000 pesos,its really a matter of time that you can go to Boracay at a cheap price. If you go to boracay you will never regret that you've been to that place because its worth it.

    PTOUR1 – UY

  12. Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, scenery, hang-out places, shopping, and people.It is one of the most beautiful place here in the Philippines. I can say that you can really enjoy in this island.It is considered one of the country's premier tourist destination with its beautiful white sand and scenic views that makes it renewed in the world.

  13. Boraaa! i really want to go there with my girlfriend. :D. i wish i can have a flight with that price too. want experience the parties, swim , resting under the sun and many more. boracay have a nice environment because of the white sand and the clear water. bora is like a paradise for me. the food there looks delicious and i think the view of the pictures there will be more beautiful if i see it in person :). thanks for this blog!

    PTOUR1 – Silvania

  14. ptour1-tambor

    Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, scenery, hang-out places, shopping, and people.It is one of the most beautiful place here in the Philippines. I can say that you can really enjoy in this island.It is considered one of the country's premier tourist destination with its beautiful white sand and scenic views that makes it renewed in the world.


    Stayed with my homies. We had a very relaxing time. I loved the bar staff, very friendly, always happy and they made the best cocktails. The location was perfect, close to D'Mall shopping and restaurants. I would recommed this hotel to anyone. We looked at other places to stay but the Red Coconut stood out from the others. It was very reasonably priced and the deluxe beachfront rooms were great.

  16. WOW! Boraaa is a nice place to be at.I liked the adventure you made.From the moment you booked for the plane ticket until you arrived in Caticlan and stayed in boracay.The places there were awesome.I'm pretty sure that your Boracay experience will be a story of your's for a lifetime


  17. Boracay is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. With its white, talcum-fine beach, balmy weather and warm, crystalline waters it is really breathtaking. it is great to be there with your family, friends and loved ones. Once you get there you will never forget what you'll experience.


  18. Boracay is one paradise that you'll surely love.
    it's one of the Philippine's finest beaches. the white sand, bars, shops/boutiques, wildlife, culture and environment there says it all.
    The food there is great too. the perfect place to relax 🙂


  19. The writer's blog was such an interesting one. You can already go to the beautiful place of Boracay in just sitting in the front of the computer and read the blog alone. The writer was such a wise person, because he decided to go there, but in a cheaper way. It's good to be practical in many ways. Well, I can say that when you got there, it is truly relaxing and enjoying. I think, I need to unwind and enjoy life. And I've decided that I will go to Boracay to experience the said features. If I had the chance to got there, I will do some things that they did to experience an enjoying but at the same time, a practical way of vacation. In that way, You can go in one of the most beautiful place in the country, and in the word as well.



    BORACAY is the most popular tourist spot in the philippines. because of their white sand and good climate..I want to go there soon with my friends and relatives to experience their ambiance and to relax..

  21. Boracay is one of the most beautiful place in the Phil. although its to expensive but its worth it all because it gives us an relaxing moment to refresh our selves. If we win this Saturday's GAME i'll be able to EXPERIENCE BOARACAY's wonder and also I will be able to know the feeling of the blogger when he went to BORACAY'S WONDER :))



    I also been to Boracay. When I first went there I really admire the place and because there is a lot of tourist from different countries who seems very enjoyed in what they're doing. I enjoyed a lot when i was there, and if you will gonna ask me if I want to get back there, I would probably say, "YES! I really want to." Actually, I'd been there because of my uncle who treat my whole family and because we went there free, we also take it for granted because we all know Boracay is very popular when it comes in beaches.

  23. One of the most beautiful summer destination is boracay. maybe this summer will go to boracay with my family. I want to go to boracay and to experience the happenings in boracay


  24. Boracay Island, Philippines Known far and wide as an island paradise. Even though you will spend a lot of money, it is worth it 🙂
    while reading this blog, i visualize the different sight/view. i really want to visit boracay. i hope someday it will come true 🙂


  25. Boracay is the number one tourist spot in our country, this is a nice place for the tourist who wants to relax themselves, boracay have a white sands.. You can go there if you want to relax your self. Boracay has a nice facilities and a bars, so you can spent your time in the bar if you want..


  26. Boracay Island, Philippines Known far and wide as an island paradise. Even though you will spend a lot of money, it is worth it 🙂
    while reading this blog, i visualize the different sight/view. i really want to visit boracay. i hope someday it will come true 🙂

    i think, if you will go to boracay, you will definitely enjoy every minute! if ever a have a chance to go there, i will take a lot of pictures and i will buy many souvenirs for remembrance. If you want to unwind BORACAY is the best place you can go 🙂


  27. Simple adventure will lead to an extraordinary experiences, the blogger is so lucky to have a trip in Boracay Island. I haven't got there actually but by just looking in all the pictures in this blog I think theres no doubt why many people and even foreigners visit the Philippines,we all know that it is one of the most beautiful paradise in Asia,not just in Asia but also in the world I guess, although I think Bali in Indonesia is considered as number 1 when it comes to beaches here in Asia.

    On the other hand, the price cost is very reasonable after all, after getting excellent services and accommodations I guess. And I love the bars also located in the Island. hmmm I want to be in Boracay Island someday, everything is worth it for the cost =))

    Nice experience! If I were the blogger I would also love to come back and visit this place again and again :))

    Boracay Island proves us that Philippines has the right to be included in the New7Wonders of the world not just Boracay but also the other lovely places located in the country.

  28. boracay – its truly a remarkable place to go to. different nationalities, sceneries, parties, foods, cultures, hotels, relaxing, activities etc. are all there you just have to choose whatever you like. you don't need to be rich for you to go there, you can afford it in a cheapier way. you have to be carefull of course on what you buy, etc. because many people now a days, may take advantage on you. its very interesting doing such activity you haven't do before. exciting probably! boracay is one of the best place here in the philippines. you'l enjoy your every stay.


  29. b0racay. One of the Philippines’s most popular tourist destinations. it helps the economy because of the tourist that spend their money for it. i haven't been there but after reading this blog, i think i want to go there too. and experience seeing the beautiful scenery. Philippines is so lucky to have a beautiful island like boracay it's like a gift from God that Filipinos should have to treasure it. and don't abuse it. and it helps people to have a recreational activities.


  30. ako nga rin dati di rin planned yung pagpunta ko sa Boracay. Bigla lang ako nakakita ng promo sa CebuPac then sakto meron pang promo sa metrodeal..

  31. It is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, and has become one of the most coveted places to visit and invest in. Its rich natural resources and quiet seclusion also makes Boracay a great place to retire from the bustle of city life.

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