My trip down UP Shopping Center

Last Saturday, I needed to UP Diliman to do an errand. It gazed upon me that I needed to blog about where am going for as a UP student, the place am going to is a security blanket to each and every student that studies here. I am actually referring to UP Shopping Center which is located along the UP Ikot route, right across the Infirmary which is across the UP Chapel.
This place is a one stop shop indeed. If you run out of cash there is a Philippine National Bank where right beside it is the University Cashier. By the entrance there is a newspaper stand, a mango vendor and a fishball vendor and an ice cream vendor. Inside , you can see the following stalls:
Lab Equipment
Fish Pet shop
Western Union
Internet Café
Jewelry and Optical Shop
Souvenir Shop
Barber Shop
Photo ID Studio
Photocopy, Ringbind, book binding needs
Korean and Japanese food
Banana Cue and Turon
Fruit stand
Beauty Parlor
Bookstore and office supplies (D Holy Book)
Public Toilet
See? I think I got everything covered. If I did miss out on a few stalls well I leave that upto you.
UP will not be Up with out the UP Shopping Center.So if you happen to pass by UP and need something, maybe you can find it here (Click link for pictures) UP SHOPPING CENTER

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