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  1. i enjoy the seminar of Bacardi in our school the speaker was talking faster than i thought but he was jolly, i can see him that he love or he has a passion what he was doing, i learned about how the cocktails start, how the lime and fruits can combine in the drink that your making and how you will going to give a smile and satisfaction to the guest your serving in different ways. by this knowledge that you shared to me I'll use it in my bar tending subject. i hope that someday i can create my own cocktail or drink that can also satisfy a guest and i hope also that we can see you again in our school..thank you Mr. Richie Cruz

  2. It was an honor being able to join the Bacardi Seminar. We learned a lot of things with regards to different kinds of liquors on how they became this and that. We saw the broader side of liquors and on how they can be consumed in a luxurious way. The discussion took longer than the actual thing that’s why I felt like hanging after the seminar because it was amazing and I want to see more mixing of liquors. But nevertheless it was good the speaker thought us on how helpful it is for us in the industry of Hotel and Restaurant Management to be knowledgeable with this matter. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given us. #BacardiUniversity #BacardiAroadtolegacy #PhilipinneBartending

  3. It was a blast having Pinoytender Management Consultancy, Barcardi Philippines and Mr. Arijit Bose in HAU and conduct their seminar about bartending and mixology. It was fun and learning at the same time, it given us an idea that in bar industry there's a lot of doors for opportunities. I learned a lot from the speaker from what he shared about the industry, about bartending and cocktail mixing but most of all about his real life experiences in the industry. We had lectures at first then demonstration, and the most exciting part, tasting! �� thank you for the experience, thank you for choosing our school, thank you for the insights, thank you for your time and thank you for the shirts. It is a pleasure having you and working with you guys. �� #BacardiUniversity #BacardiAroadtolegacy #PhilippineBartending

  4. It was a memorable experience to be a part of the Bacardi Seminar. We enjoyed the the whole time! It was filled with learning about what bartending is all about. Also, we had learned different kinds of mixes and cocktails. The speaker shared us his experiences in the real world of hospitality industry and from that we have gained knowledge. He also shared and gave us insights of what are the opportunities of a bartender. It was a fun-filled seminar! Thank you for the time, t-shirts and for the great experience!

    #BacardiUniversity #BacardiAroadtolegacy #PhilippineBartending

  5. Greetings,

    I just wanted to give the props to Bacardi University and to Philippine Bartending for an astonishing seminar that they held in our school. It has been a great pleasure to be fed with such tremendous cognition from their team. I would definitely be grateful to share what Barcardi University has taught me. I have been thinking that this could be a great hobby and got me interested. Starting from it's roots, through the years. There is one thing that I am so sure of, and that is Philippine Bartending and Bacardi University will not stop here…

    Wishing everyone all best in this world!

    "Cheers to the good life!"

    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiAroadtoLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  6. It was an honor to be part of bacardi seminar. I really enjoy this seminar and I have learned a lot about bartending. And we learned how the cocktail start, and how to combine the liquor to make an awesome cocktail, that the guest can satisfied to it. The HAU/JRHMA student was so blessed because we have an opportunity to be part of this seminar because we learned a lot about liquors even if I'm not drinking liquor but I really appreciate the cocktail that Mr. arujit makes for us. In this seminar, what we have learned about cocktail, we all know that we can use this in our future someday. Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar you share for us. two thumps up. God Bless. :)))

  7. Hospitality industry would be so boring without those exquisite drinks. BACARDI is the epitome of great, versatile and timeless spirits. It is a brand that one should never ignore when it comes to the Art and Science of Bartending.
    The Mixology class courtesy of Bacardi was very interesting. It was very informative and enjoyable. I was also fascinated about the story of the man who's behind the name, BACARDI.
    This provided me some of the fundamental things that an "appreciative drinker" must learn. This only shows that "there is also learning in drinking". 🙂 This event also made me become more appreciative when it comes to "party drinks". With the things that I learned form Bacardi's talented bartender, I can share and use them in the future (since it's my dream to put up a mini jazz bar someday!) 🙂
    I am looking forward to learn more from Bacardi. 🙂
    More power to Bacardi!
    Bacardi means Party. 🙂


  8. It was a fortune to anyone who attended the #BacardiUniversity2014 hosting with the very own Bacardi Ambassador Mr. Bose an Indian. Opening our blind eyes to the great history of mixology where in great ancestors of ours who contributed a lot starting from the medicinal purpose to its other purposes that mankind invented in order to relax the body and etc.It was to appreciate or rather bring to us the oppurtunity that a bartender may be. Plus, learning this simply not to let us be an idiot when in terms of blending to social communities. Also, this may help if ever i'll have a plan building and managing a bar to which variety of mixes and marketing strategies I will apply. Thanks to #BacardiUniversity2014 he lead me to the #BacardiARoadToLegacy. #PhilippineBartending

  9. I enjoyed the seminar so much. it was an honor to be part of the Bacardi seminar. I learned so much about bartending and we learn different kinds and type of cocktails. And also what the ingredients do we need and etc. We, us a guest to this seminar., We like the ambiance that they do, the set- up of the place, the materials they used. Even though I don't drink hard liquor, in this case, I enjoyed drinking it because there's a different variety. Thank you for choosing our school. And I hope you will come back to our school again with more freebies. LOL. God bless. Take care.

  10. It was an honor to be part of the Bacardi seminar. I learned so much more about liquor and mixing. It is a brand that should never ignore when it comes to the bartending industry. Thank you so much for choosing our school, Asian School of Hospitality and Arts. And I hope you will come back to our school again with more Tshirt. LOL. God bless. Take care.

    Cheers to the YOLO LIFE!
    Bacardi Forever!

  11. Bacardi seminar is one of the best seminar that i have attend. The speaker, Mr. Bose is very kind to us although he speaks fast and have an accent, he speaks with Passion. I can see how he is devoted in his work. Mr. Bose together with the Bacardi Philippines taught us the history and Bacardi humble success. Then he taught us the basic mixing like Tiki, Daiquiri, Mojito etc.; Bacardi and Mr. Bose take us into the world of a complete package were mixing, Bar tending, Showmanship are expressed that makes me inspired to learn more about bar tending and mixology. I hope that they will comeback into our school again and share us the knowledge, new things or train us to be great like them. 🙂
    #Bacardi #BacardiPhilippines #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiAroadtoLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  12. Antipolo, Philippines – 2nd of September, 2014 – A Bacardi Cocktail Mixing Seminar: Bacardi University – Road to Legacy was held in a college in Antipolo – Asian School of Hospitality Arts – it was headed by the Bacardi Philippines team and presented themselves in front of the students and faculty of ASHA.

    It was an honor for us, the students of ASHA to be one of the school chosen to held their Bacardi University: Road To Legacy (Bacardi Cocktail Mixing Seminar)
    The speaker who lead the seminar and stood in front of us is Mr. Arijit Bose an Indian Bartender and he took the stage in the Bacardi Cocktail Mixing Seminar.

    Mainly the goal of their team is to share us things, knowledge about Bacardi and help us about cocktails which is connected to the course we are taking up – BS Hotel and Restaurant Management – The speaker exposed us to the world of Bacardi, liquors, cocktails and also the speaker taught is the history of Bacardi and the history of liquors.

    In the end part of the seminar. The speaker/bartender started the cocktail mixing and showed us the different procedures, ingredients and let us taste the different cocktails the bartender mixed, such as: Mojito, Tiki cocktail and etc.

    The students of ASHA was also given a chance to mix their of drink using 2 shots of white rum, lime and coca-cola and ice is added. The different cocktail mixes that the bartender (Mr. Arijit Bose) made was shared and given to the students who are watching him, for the students to know the taste as well as to taste and drink a free cocktail given to the audience.

    We the students of Asian School of Hospitality Arts are happy that the Bacardi Team visited ASHA and we also learned a lot, and we are also hoping that there will be a part 2 of this Bacardi Seminar.

    Special thanks to Mr. Arijit Bose for sharing us his knowledge about cocktails and thanks to Bacardi team as well for choosing us to be one in where they will do the seminar.

    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiARoadToLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  13. I enjoy the seminar and learn a lot specially of bacardi, how it was establish and the founder of bacardi. I learn many kinds of mixes and I found out that every mix of cocktail drinks have a history. The seminar help other student in choosing the industry of HRM and Bartending. The Seminar was very educational it gives us an idea in creating an event or party. Thank you for giving us knowledge about mixology and the history of cocktail mixes and Bacardi.
    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiaRoadtoLegacy #Philippinebartending

  14. Being one of the student in Asian School of Hospitality Arts, I feel lucky to attend like this seminar "BACARDI UNIVERSITY", because I enjoy the seminar and the speaker Mr.Bose was talking faster. And he is a jolly person, I see to him that he was to passionate in his job. and that is bartending. And for me it was super memorable experience because I learned a lot from Mr. Bose like: what he shared about the filled of Bartending like him. and he explain the history of BACARDI. and the history of cocktail where and when started and How to mix some cocktail and how to entertain the guest while mixing some liquor. Thank you for coming. 🙂


  15. bacardi seminar is all about combing and mixing of liquor to make a cocktail. they also teach us about bartending for free. at first i thought that the seminar is boring but when i started to listen i felt satisfied. thank you for teaching us and sharing us the knowledge and tricks to make an awesome cocktail. i really enjoy the seminar. and keep sharing knowledge to others. i will also apply this to my future career. Thumbs up for you guys. Godbless 🙂


  16. Being part of the Bacardi University Seminar is one of the most memorable seminar that I've ever participated. Last Tuesday, September 2,2014 was the day that we had a seminar with them. Mr. Bose was an Indian bartender who showed us the real importance of Bartending. I had fun and inspired in him because he teaches us to not just do your job because you needed to, but to be passionate or love what you are doing is the best thing to do, to be a real professional. I also learned the history of liquor and cocktails where it came from and how cocktails are made with a combination of different kinds of fruit juice, rum, coke, beer and many more. At first,Mr. Bose is serious in teaching but at the middle of his teaching, he was a funny and entertaining guy. All I can say is this seminar was really an entertaining seminar that every school should have. With this, I can use it anywhere like parties and different kinds of events because anyone who will try and do this kind of cocktail that we learned, will really enjoy it. 🙂

  17. bacardi seminar will be memorable to me. i didn't know that much about liquors. i just think of bought then drink it without even knowing their history or mix. they though us many thing. Mr.Bose is really good. he showed us the importance of bartending. he teach us to love and be passionate on mixing drinks. He also taught us the origins and how to mix basic cocktails. it is very helpful to us specially who wants to be a bartender. we enjoyed it.

  18. The Bacardi University Seminar one of awesome seminars you all must attend! This gives you more idea and knowledge when it comes to liquor and mixes that might give you a hit! 😀

    This is a ones in a life time experience you can have! so grab the chance if you can or the moment might pass you by.

  19. It was a great experience to be a part of The Bacardi University Seminar. Bacardi seminar allows young professionals from hospitality departments to have knowledge and information not only about the Bacardi but also everything about liquors. We learned that a simple liquor can be a luxurious one. The seminar also changed my perception about liquor in a good way, like, before, I thought that liquor is just a liquor and I had no plans of getting in a job than involves alcoholic drinks. But through the help of seminar, I gained a better understanding about it and my perception towards it became good. The seminar showed us how to make cocktails and we had a chance to do one on our own. We met awesome people and bartenders through videos. We saw how passionate those bartenders are, how great they are when they do the mixing, and how they are dedicated to what they are doing. The seminar will definitely help us in our future career, it's an advantage for us because we already have an idea about cocktail mixing with the help of that seminar. Thank you! #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiARoadToLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  20. its an honor to be part of the Bacardi University seminar under the Bacardi Ambassador for the Philippines Mr. Bose he is very generous to share his Bartending knowledge and experiences i have learned a lot from him he is really an inspirational speaker i want to try bartending as an additional skill as a hotel and restaurant practitioner

  21. It was a great learning experience for us HRM students who will soon be part of the hospitality industry. It was also a pleasure to listen to and learn from Mr. Bose, who is the Bacardi Ambassador. He gave such useful tips and advices, and also taught us how to make drinks. We hope the next batch can also be part of this experience, because we will certainly be able to use this seminar when we are already working. Thank you for a great learning experience!

  22. Mr Bose, a great speaker and a Bacardi Ambassador taught us new things, to begin with, he taught us useful tips and gave us such intellectual advises. As an HRM student, it is beneficial for me as it will soon be part of the hospitality industry. An experience like this will be able to apply in the mere future. Thank you once again for exerting time and effort for us to be learned and distinguish differences in what we thought was right.

  23. it was a great learning experience from the Bacardi University Seminar i learned so many things from Mr. Bose the Bacardi ambassador he gave me Inspiration and advices in learning to be a bartender because just like me i would like to become a bartender someday who knows how to mix and create new mixes. Again thank you for sharing your time and learning to us i hope you'll continue sharing your experience in other schools.

  24. Last september 10, 2014, we had a bacardi seminar. Mr. Bose is the guest speaker and a Bacardi Ambassador. He talked about bacardi and cocktails. The event was well-organized because they are really prepared for us to be able we learn more. They had presented videos for us that show a different unique skills and talents by different bartenders with exhibitions, we are very impressed in all videos we had watched because not all people can do that. Mr. Bose do the actual mixing of different cocktails and they gave us chance to taste of it. This seminar was very awesome and great experience in us, it was very helpful because in hospitality industry we should not limit ourselves in one thing and we should explore our skills. Thank you for the bacardi team who inspired us, it was a great opportunity to us to learn more.

  25. It was a fun experience to learn from Mr.Bose. He inspire me so much from his experiences in bartending. Also the videos he presented to us, it motivates me to practice flairtending techniques. Thank you for sharing your ideas in bartending with us. I hope to meet you again soon to teach us more techniques in bartending.

  26. The experience was very informative and new for me. I am both amazed and inspired. Amazed because some cocktails are hard to make while some are so simple. Inspired because I also want to try bar tending as a profession. I am very thankful to Mr. Bose for sharing us his knowledge about world-class cocktails and how to make them. He taught us simple techniques to make famous cocktails.

  27. Mr. Bose gave me inspiration to strive better and surpass my limits through his seminar. He even gave me ideas on how to deal with our coworkers and to have good relation skills. The videos that he showed us motivated me to hone my skills in bartending and to become 1 of the best in the industry. The information that he shared with us will be very useful in the future. I would like to say thank you to mr. Bose for sharing with us your experiences on how to make those cocktails and explaining how easy it is to make them

  28. i learned different things, different liquors and their different cultures, it was a new experience to me, new achievement as well, thanks to bacardi university it enhances my knowledge, thanks for sharing you knowledge skills and talents to us. thank you mr.bose. hope to see you again soon. 🙂 again THANK YOU! 🙂

  29. Mr. Arijit Bose shared with us interesting facts about cocktails and bartending. With the information given to us, it widened my view on bartending. It even gave me an idea of becoming a bartender someday.
    I give my thanks to bacardi university for sharing us many ideas and information about bartending and and different kinds of cocktail mixes.

  30. It is true that bartending is one of the majorly taken for granted field in the hospitality industry. I, as an HRM student, can attest to the fact that most of Hospitality students either want to be hoteliers or chefs; seldom do students like us dream to become bartenders. The thing is, we still know very little of the subject (both figuratively and literally as we have not yet taken up bartending) which creates a barrier of ignorance and indifference toward the profession. Little did we know, bartending is not only a profession requiring skill, talent, and intelligence, but it also is a profession that brings in the money. Because let’s face it, aside from living the dream, we want and NEED to live it while earning money.
    Through this seminar brought to us by Philippine Bartending and Bacardi – Philippines through the cooperation of the Junior Hotel and Restaurant Managers’ Association, and our speaker, Mr. Arijit Bosc, our minds, the future hoteliers, head chefs, and bartenders, gained significant knowledge, insights, and motivation. Not only did we realize that the bartending, the art of mixing cocktails, brings in the money, we also saw the beauty, the art, in it. And for that, I solemnly thank Bacardi – Philippines, Philippine Bartending, and the Junior Hotel and Restaurant Managers’ Association for bringing us this wonderful opportunity!

    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiARoadToLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  31. It was an honor being able to join the Bacardi Seminar.
    I enjoy the seminar even thou i can't understand some of the words that he is speaking because of his accent and he speak so fast.
    I learned how the cocktail originated and how BACARDI starts.
    Mr. Arijit Bose thought us basic Cocktail mixing and he inspired us on how to dedicate one interest to Hobby and I enjoyed the seminar..,

  32. Attending a seminar from one of the leading companies in the industry is truly a great privilege for me as a HRM student. On the seminar, Bacardi thought us a lot about cocktails and drinks which are vital to the food and beverage industry. Most of the time, drinks or beverages aren't that noticed since most of the focus of the guests is on the food; but, Bacardi showed us that cocktails and liquors are also important. Bacardi taught us about the different drinks you can make out of their products and how you can use those skills (mixing drinks) in making money. To wrap all things up, I wanna thank Bacardi, Holy Angel University, and Mr. Richie Cruz for giving us this opportunity.
    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiARoadToLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  33. Joining the seminar from Bacardi is truly a great experience since I am an HRM student. Being able to learn from the best in our industry, Bacardi, is a great help in the future jobs I am going to be in. The skills I have learned from the seminar, particularly with mixing drinks and making cocktails, will definitely be used once I graduate and get to the industry. I wanna thank Bacardi, JHRMA (Junior Hotel and Restaurant Managers' Association) and Mr. Richie Cruz for giving us this great opportunity. Mr. Arijit Bosc, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Truly, to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity, Bacardi!

  34. attending the seminar was a great thing i did because i was able to learned more things about the field i had chosen also i was able to have the chance of tasting those cocktails and differentiate what is the strongest to mildest taste. it was fun being a part of the team of that seminar

  35. As a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management of University of Baguio, I am very priviledged to attend a seminar by one of the most prestige and one of the best brand of spirits in the world, the BACARDI. The Bacardi University : A Road to Legacy 2014 held at our Sazerac Bar was a very interesting and intellectual seminar. Mr. Arijit Bose, the brand ambassador of Bacardi, taught us the different mixes, cocktails and bartending skills and techniques. He inspired us more to do well in our studies and to apply the knowledge we've learned and enjoy while earning on our future jobs as bartenders or own bars someday. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.


  36. In today’s generation, going to clubs and bars is very popular with teens to middle-aged persons. “Bacardi: A road to legacy” this seminar is very helpful for us HRM students because of the things they taught us. They taught us how to make cocktails; it was the highlight of the seminar. I learned that we can be very creative with drinks. I know how important cocktails are in our industry. In bars and clubs, customers surely go after the good cocktails that they offer. A good cocktail enhances the experience of the guests/customers because it should complement the food and their taste buds. It was a great experience to attend a Bacardi Seminar!! I’m looking forward for your next tour in our university. Thank you Bacardi! Cheers!!

    #BacardiUniversity2014 #BacardiARoadToLegacy #PhilippineBartending

  37. Bacardi Seminar is one of the seminar you all must to attend because this seminar gives us more idea/knowledge and even experience when it comes to liquor and mixing cocktails and Mr. Arjit Bose, speaker, is very kind and very fun, although he speaks fast and have an accent, he speaks with his heart and with passion. He also taught us in how to make basic drinks like Daiquiri, Mojito, Tiki and etc., This seminar will really help us in our future career because we already have that idea about cocktail mixing with the help of Bacardi Seminar and that's really a great advantage for us. Thank you!


  38. I enjoyed to attend the seminar entitled 'Bacardi:A Road to Legacy' held at the University of Baguio.A pleasure for us students of international hospitality and tourism management to learned from the legends.Our honorable guest and speaker Mr. Arjit Bose showcase his talent in his profession.The seminar started with the classification of liquor followed by the history,especially for bacardi.He thought us the different types of techniques in bartending.He also educated us on how to make basic types of cocktails with the use of bacardi products like daiquiri,mojiti,zaserac and etc..We had been also given a chance to taste and savor his work of art.He is approachable and kind,but we couldn't easily understand the words because of his accent. We are fascinated with liquor because of these seminar and we kept those brilliant ideas that serves as a reference someday.In the future,we may use these knowledge that we've learned from Bacardi to be come a passionate in our profession. Thank you! ‪#‎BacardiUniversity2014‬ ‪#‎BacardiARoadToLegacy‬ ‪#‎PhilippineBartending

  39. Being a part of Bacardi seminar is a great experience for me. It is one of the memorable seminars that I’ve attended to. I’m very much grateful because it gives me knowledge about the history of Bacardi and other liquors. I also enjoy the seminar because I got to taste the different cocktails that the speaker demonstrates to us. Thank you for choosing our school, for giving us the knowledge and the t- shirt.

    ‬ ‪#‎PhilippineBartending

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