Raising the Bar at No. 38

I would like to apologize for not being able to blog for 2 months. I have been busy with school, consultancy and some events. For those who have been following the fan page as well as my twitter, that’s where I am also occupied with since it’s easier to upload pictures and videos as well as get connected with the rest of the world.

What better way to be back in the blog world by educating everyone a little bit about semantics in the Beverage and Bartending industry here in the country.

What is a BAR TOUR? When I was in college, this was a requirement we had in our HRA105 (Beverage Management). The mechanics was simple but complete: we were supposed to go to 3-4 bars and observe the following aspects: service, barlist, menu, the bartender, sanitation, ambiance, price and overall experience. After which, we had to make a report and present it in class. Looking back, I thought we looked like mystery shoppers and bar consultants. I retained this activity in my memory for it was both fun and interesting and I eventually applied it to some of the schools I taught in.

Another meaning of BAR TOUR may mean like a promotion or launch of a product or a person/group. I remember when I used to bartend for Bacardi, we had a Bar tour to Launch Bacardi Limon in several bars in Manila. This was a one month run.

Unfortunately, some sales people from the business took advantage of this and infused this as part of their menu and coined it “bar tour”. But it’s actually a bar seminar which focuses on a few aspects about bartending and focusing on the company. To make this appealing, you carry a famous brand name and offer it with a free meal with drink plus a certificate…and voalah!!! The cash register rings.

In other countries, a seminar is coined as “Raising the Bar” which is very appropriate because when a participant is already exposed in bartending this can be a refresher course or a totally different experience for him.

This concept is what I applied together with my partners so as bartenders we can “walk the talk” so to speak. The No. 38 “Raising the Bar” series is a seminar held at No.38 Sports Bar located at 114 Jupiter St. in Makati City. We will only focus on what you need for your class and not those that you will teach so as not to be redundant.

So far on our first run with Polytechnic University of the Philippines, it was generally SWEET.

You can visit our fan page or my personal page to see the pictures.

We accept a maximum of 50 persons per batch.

For details and bookings you may contact us at 09176117441.

See and know the difference. We raise the bar up a notch once again for Philippine bartending.

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