Holy Week Reflection: The Only Constant Thing Is Change

The title of this blog maybe the most cliché saying but this holds true especially this Holy Week. As a devoted practicing Catholic, tradition dictates that Holy Week is a time for reflection and solitude.

But last Maundy Thursday, I had to see for myself it this still holds true nowadays. I decided to go for a swim with my buds and we went to one resort. Alas! We weren’t able to come in because this resort was packed. So we decided to look for another spot. And well good thing they still had a space for us. I was shocked. The resort had 5 pools in total and all of them were full. Not to mention the cottages, tables and the verandas. Where have all these people come from? It wasn’t as “holy” here than outside. People were laughing, running around, drinking, smoking and swimming of course.

As I sit and observe all of these things happening, I rationalized things in perspective. My conclusion: To each his own. As long as you still have your faith intact and you observe holy week in your own way then I raise a glass to that. I am not saying that everyone has to go on vacation during holy week but that’s just the way it is. FREE WILL as they say. Just be responsible with your actions.

It’s the same thing as bartending. There is no absolute STANDARD. Everything evolves. Everything is dynamic. One cannot be stuck. You just have to accept that change and integrate it in the present. Old school meets new school. Simple.

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